Abuse of Legal Process

Did you know that gay cross-dressing pedophile’s attempt to file a nuisance lawsuits against anyone who disagrees with their agenda?  Abuse of the legal process may be prosecuted for attempting to obtain a default judgment against non-pedophile publications. It all depends upon the competence and experience of counsel.  Homosexuals attempt to subvert the legal process in much the same way they deviate from sexual and cultural practices. Registered child sexual predator John Karl Herriot is attempting to use harassment litigation to further his racketeering influenced corrupt organizations known as CMEN, LittleLeagueBaseballUniforms.com and SportsWarehouse.com.  

pedophile youth league enticementDefective Nuisance Lawsuit

Plaintiff John Herriot has filed legal pleadings against defendant Dean McAdams which are an abuse of the legal process because they are not real complaints and contain fatal procedural flaws. Mr. Herriot’s groundless complaint for invasion of privacy and intentional infliction of emotional distress fails to state a cause of action for which relief can be granted.  Plaintiff’s defective complaint is now lying unprosecuted in Riverside Superior Court. Herriot’s legally deficient lawsuit is an abuse of legal process designed to prevent investigation of the gay pedophile human sex trafficking organization known as the Boy Lover Club.  

By offering “free samples” of youth league baseball uniforms Herriot is enticing children into a life of exploitation at the hands of corrupt gay entrepreneurs. Herriot also uses bait and switch tactics on the sexually liberated naturist community with his CMEN gatherings. California Men Enjoying Naturism is not pure naturism. CMEN is a showcase for inflicting aberrated homosexuality upon an unsuspecting captive audience. Sports Warehouse.com is not a real website and CMEN is not a real naturist club. There is no real shopping cart for either organization, only an 800 number and PO Box in West Hollywood. Sports Warehouse and CMEN are fronts for child sexual trafficking by known gay sex offenders. These predators must be stopped from using the naturist and gay communities as camouflage for their illicit enterprises. The law mandates that registered sex offenders such as Herriot be monitored, that is why the Megan’s Law Website was created. Make sure you know exactly who your son is “playing ball” with in Malibu this summer. 

emotional disease

Creating CMEN’s Agenda for Gay Culture

gay emotional disease of hypocracyMr. Herriot may be attempting to transfer ownership and control of CMEN to extreme cross-dresser Drew Searing and other gay political organizers.  Mr. Searing appears to be one of these failed artist types who has turned to using politics to promote his gender bending platform. Mr. Searing is now the website administrator for CMEN and may be working with CMEN spokesperson Charles Kenyon on the 2017 CMEN gathering in Northern California.  NorCal is known to be receptive to homosexual penetration on the issues of public fornification. If fact, Mr. Searing has indicated that one of the CMEN social hour theme parties will be devoted to the public sex displays prominent in the Folsom Street district of San Francisco, California. California Men Enjoying Naturism must be thwarted in their attempts to transform healthy outdoor nude yoga into a showcase for aberrated homosexuality at Camp Shalom Malibu and other locations.

gay equality shamRestrain Gay Political Influence

Gay influencers used the political system to legalize gay marriage and now gay protesters are using the media to create public acceptance of sexual relationships between thirteen year old boys and gay mentors. Thirteen is just too young for a boy to have sex with an adult. The law draws the line at age 14 years.  Gay public figures advocating sex with boys under the age of 14 makes all sexually liberated males look bad. John Herriot, Jeff Calvert Esq., Drew Searing, Charles Kenyon and Rick Boehle must be prevented from promoting another summer of aberrated homosexuality at CMEN Gatherings. 

jeff calvert as cher bono