Exploiting Color of Authority

Gay exploitation of authority is not just a Halloween costume or party gag, it’s a lifestyle. Highly skilled child pornographers use visual imagery for many different applications. These gay human traffickers are not just pretending to be cops. These photographs are passports of entry into the world of kiddie porn. Peds use photos as calling cards to prove to each other that they are serious sex freaks willing to transgress the law. 

Child Exploitation by School Teachers

Many convicted pedophiles are ex-school teachers or coaches who have abused their positions of authority in order to engage in sexual contact with children under the age of 14. Jerry Sandusky is only the most recent high profile pedophile to go down in Pennsylvania pederasty. His son, Jeffrey Sandusky was charged with child sexual exploitation in Belleftone, PA.

Convicted child copulator John Herriot is a former Catholic school teacher and little league baseball coach uniform salesman financed by CMEN Spokesman Charles Kenyon.  Mr. Kenyon is a retired middle school English teacher from Levittown, PA who frequently travels to Thailand and the Philippines. Gay human traffickers operate a world wide web of deception in order to prey upon kids. 

Hacking the Dark Web

The secret to nabbing child sexual predators is by investigating their ravenous appetites for child pornography.  Peds use kiddie porn for more than just sexual gratification.  Pedophiles use the extremely illegal tangible item of child pornography to identify each other and also to identify potential law enforcement investigators. Jay Michaud is a special education teacher in the state of Washington who just beat the rap for child exploitation and  pornography because the DOJ didn’t want to divulge encryption crack codes used to identify him. The government is making a wise tactical decision to save their secret heavy artillery for bigger targets than Mr. Michaud.  

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Camouflaging Child Exploitation

Registered sex offenders who are brazenly operating out in the open deserve to be investigated and monitored. John Herriot uses little league baseball uniforms to mask his criminal activities. Mr. Herriot is cruising around somewhere in a white Dodge Grand Caravan loaded with boxes of little league baseball uniforms. Herriot, Jeff Cowan, Tony Merker and Pablo Rivera are all getting ready for the opening of ped season in Tennessee. The purpose of this gay human sex trafficking investigation is to prevent predators from evading the long arm of the law.


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