Sexual Healer Intention

Five years ago in 2013 at a Radical Aliveness Core Energetics Community Night, I set my sexual healer intention.  Now here I am celibate and healthy so it looks like I was successful.  RACE Community Nights with Ann Bradney and Patricia Haman were a big part of my life for two years. 


Ann and Patricia were sitting right there when I set my sexual healer intention but they didn’t offer me any support.  The best part of my sexual healing is that is was free.  Ann rejected both myself and Dr. Allen as students but we both just kept hanging around soaking up the free-love anyway.  I immersed myself in the work of both Dr. John Perriokas and Dr. Wilhelm Reich.  I healed myself with God for free, fuck Ann Bradney. 

ann bradney radical aliveness sexual healer

RACE Community Nights

RACE Community Nights are the free samples of Core Energetics, Inc.  The first hit is always free and so if you want to check out the program you can go to a free Community Night.  I know people like power top Rick that only go to Ann’s free community nights.  Rick makes a lot of money but he sees through Ann just like me and he hangs around for the cool people. 

Basically Ann Bradney is an unlicensed therapist with no college degree.  Acutally Ann Bradney is a total fucking fraud.  Would you pay for personal development from someone with a face like Ann Bradney?  Ann decided not to certify Dr. Allen as a Core Energetics practitioner because he looks like Shrek.  Everybody in metaphysics knows that the goal is to see everyone else as yourself.  I think Ann Bradney needs to take a look into the mirror.  Maybe Ann Bradney can find some part of herself to heal so that she can accept Dr. Allen as her student and heal that dynamic?

Dr. Paul Allen, MD

In 2010 Ann Bradney kicked 76 year-old friendly ogre Dr. Paul Allen, OB/GYN out of her program.  At the time Dr. Allen and I were living together in an intimate homosexual relationship.  Then when I applied to RACE she rejected my application.  I am very happy to have been rejected by the likes of both Ann Bradney and Adarsh Kaur of Kundalini Yoga, Inc.  I saved a lot of money thanks to these two quacks.  I saved my money and got twice the enlightenment and sexual healing.  Now I am a celibate yogi existing in meditative bliss.  Setting my sexual healer intention at that RACE Community Night changed my life forever. 

Selling Community

RACE and Yoga West are both selling community more than they are selling healing.  I set my sexual healer intention despite Core Energetics or Kundalini Yoga.  I am a socially awkward skinny little bitch and I am not really interested in fitting into the material world or mainstream society.  There is no way my God could ever conform exactly to their God.  That is why meditation and healing are best practiced as solitary affairs.