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Craigslist sex date posts are an extremely powerful application just like any other electronic home improvement appliance. You must learn to correctly use powerful tools or you can injure yourself or others. Electricity can be used to heat your home and cook your food or electricity can be used to kill and destroy. Each year many hapless homosexuals are seriously heart broken or worse by attempting to carelessly use Craigslist sex date m4m postings in an ineffectual, careless or lackluster manner. Learn to use powerful multimedia content creation tools correctly in order to live a happy and healthy gay lifestyle. 

Being totally gay means you are not allowed to engage in, or even discuss mediocre sex. You can actually have your homosexual membership card revoked for violations such as lack of sexual self-confidence. Being successfully gay means having a confident attitude. Confidence is a natural aphrodisiac whether you are seducing men or women. 

Express engaging sexual confidence with your own personal brand of the healthy gay lifestyle with words and images. Make yourself appear interesting by taking the extra few seconds to create a compelling sex date post. By going the extra distance with the artwork in your post you demonstrate your ability to be a better than average sex partner. Why do you think artists like Picasso and Pollack were such great pussy hounds? Great artists know how to use words and pictures to create a personal brand that will attract quality sex partners. 

Craigslist and the rest of the Internet run on graphics. Specifically modern mass communications uses composite graphics to create a montage meaning in the mind of the viewer. It is possible to tell a story with a single image and a few words. Humans hunger for stories with information that tells them how to live their lives and find meaning in the world.

Tell your potential Craigslist sex date that you are the compelling and fulfilling gay sex partner that is going to make his lifestyle the stuff of legend. In 2010 I put up a post stating my intention to find a man with the gay leadership qualities of Alexander the Great and it worked. I stated my intention, attracted and met him and my life was transformed. My mission is to teach the gay men of America to master mass communications and multimedia to create a better world for homosexuals everywhere. 

Words and images are powerful tools that can greatly improve the quality of your sexual spiritual emotional healthy gay lifestyle. Therefore if you want to improve your success in the dating world then improve your use of graphics, composite images, agit prop and other skills of the freelance multimedia content creator. It used to take me a half-hour to hook up on Craigslist but now that I have found the secret, it only takes a few seconds . . . 



Use Healthy Homosexual Lifestyle Composite Images In Your Post


These days when I put up a Craigslist sex date post with composite images I immediately get quality results. I use composite images of me with text overlays about gay sex education liberation, healthy homosexual lifestyles, and other freelance blogging topics I work on. I only post my Craigslist sex date advertisements when I am really serious about hooking up. 

Set yourself apart from the crowd of gay men seeking sexual companionship by being original and seductive. Get an avalanche of quality replies to your Craigslist sex date post by using fresh and compelling ideas to created a gay marketing masterpiece. Don’t make your post boring and unromantic by stressing your personal statistics and preferences. Don’make your Craigslist sex date post all about you.  Tell your prospective sex partner why he is a special man for taking the time to invest in you.

My experience is that giving out too much information gives your prospect too much to easily reject. Your initial multimedia art work is created to seduce and entice the other guy to call you. Your first post is not an infographic it is the magazine ad that creates desire. Once he calls you he has an emotional investment in the transaction. If a quality man is seriously interested in you he will reply to your post with a photograph and request more information

Just reading my own Craigslist sex date advice this morning I am inspired to create an even better magazine layout of my fifty-nine year old body. I was a relatively good boy over the holidays because I am really into meditation and cosmic consciousness. Now I am back out in the world of love and romance on the gay Palm Springs dating scene.

Craigslist Sex Date Sample Post Composite Graphics:

If you want your email inbox to fill up really fast then try running a Craigslist sex date post with some composite healthy gay lifestyle graphics like this:



Smooth Versatile Bottom Seeking Power Tops

Adventurous and exciting bottom seeking aggressive masculine power tops for intimate and meaningful encounters on the north side of Palm Springs. Can host or will travel. Me receiving anal attention is required. Exhibitionists who want to fuck me outside in the backyard please step to the front of the line . . .


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