Dr. Allen Leaves Biloxi For The Westchester Bluffs

Street lights on the beach below, waiting for the upcoming October heatwave. The natives are celebrating because it finally gets down to 68 degrees at 5:00 a.m. in Westchester, CA 90045. Paul McDuff Allen graduated from Brown University and chose Plan B for Biloxi, Mississippi and a Medicare based career. Mentholated, like a Negro cigarette on Saturday night.

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This morning I went outside naked as usual and took a long long pee through my usual and customary pre-dawn erection on Liberator Avenue.  I peed all the way down the north runway of LAX.  I peed all the way to Dr. Paul Allen’s rented duplex on the other side of Sepulveda Boulevard.  I peed into his mouth just like he asked me to. But I just can’t oblige his scatalogical request to shit into his mouth.


Dr. Blackfinger

We met in the House of the Rising Sun, on Orleans Street, two blocks up from Bourbon Street and the fake tourist decadence. Southern homosexuals call their gathering and lifestyle “Southern Decadence“.

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Dr. Paul Allen left his elitist East Coast birthplace of Providence, RI for the fertile Mississippi Delta where he plowed black babies with both of his extremely large hands.

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He could have been a dermatologist in Beverly Hills like his doctor friend who was born in New Orleans, but Dr. Allen, born in Providence, RI, chose to be a gynecologist in Biloxi, Mississippi.  HIs stellar North Dakota wife Joan gave him four perfect sons and then the bad doctor kicked his good wife to the curb and announced: “I’m gay”, in a Chinese restaurant in New Orleans. 

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It’s a beautiful October morning and my life has just begun in the white and gold citadel. I am going to take a shower and think about the museums of Los Angeles.  Dr. Allen and I once went to the Norton Simon in Pasadena. I can no longer allow anyone to hold me back.  I can’t contact the most interesting person I know because he looks like Shrek.  A Puerto Rican girl on the subway even said out loud that Dr. Allen looks like Shrek.  The problem is that Dr. Allen is really ugly on the inside.  He actually had the temerity to ask the ex-wife he abandoned for a reconciliation and she wisely turned him down. This blog is my way of saying a long goodbye to Dr. Paul McDuff Allen. If I contact him in person he will only want to get the best of me.  I hereby quit my “gay for pay” job with selfish creeps like Dr. Paul Allen.  

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