Sexual Energy Substitution 

There are healthy sexual relationships and there are unhealthy sexual relationships. Monogamous, intimate and loving long term sexual relationships are healthy and gay bathhouse anonymous no-strings-attached NSA encounters are not healthy. For me gay has always been a sexual energy substitution for straight.

When I can’t make it with women I substitute Plan B for Bisexuality. Sometimes it gets me in a lot of trouble being stuck in-between two worlds but sometimes my truth gets really messy with lots of raging, bloodshed, self-destruction and forced rebirth via cesarean section surgical intervention. 

He not busy being born is busy dying . . . It’s allright ma, I’m only crying.


                                                                                     –  Bob Dylan. 

Commercial Gay Sexual Energy Substitution Providers

Commercial gay establishments make gay sexual energy substitution easy. If it wasn’t for homosexuality I would have no sexuality out here in this gay desert. I don’t care to spend my precious limited resources to maintain the heterosexual lifestyle required to attract and retain the right new age Christ consciousness woman for me. I socialize with women and go out on a straight date at least once every two years. Gay bathhouses and sex resorts in Palm Springs and Los Angeles make gay sexual energy substitution infinitely easier than the rigours of dating women. If there were straight bathhouses similar to gay bathhouses there probably be a lot less homosexuality than there is now. 


gay sexual energy substitution

If straight versions of the gay bathhouse existed then there would probably be a lot less need for gay bathhouses


Midget Women Are Naturally Attracted to Me

In the early 1970’s when I was a teenager growing in in the San Fernando Valley it was easier to substitute men in place of women. I really liked girls better but sexually aggressive feminine gay boys and masculine bisexual men in bitchin’ Camaros would cause riots to stand in line and give me blow jobs when I was a skinny nineteen year-old guitar player roaming the back alleys of Hollywood with all the other young bisexual emotional vampires.

It was and still is difficult for me to get girls to hold still for me because of my socially awkward moody musician writer queer persona. My androgynous body is only masculine to petites and waifs under five feet tall. Dwarf chicks think I’m hot. Women are a lot of work for me and now that I am sixty years old the thought of women makes my body tired, my ears hurt and feeling like I need to masturbate to straight pornography or pay $10.00 to go to the gay bathhouse nudist sex resort down the street.    

Sexual Energy Substitution: Gay men will go out of their way to cross the street and engage me and even certain heterosexual men will hit on me in straight locker rooms and other masculine environments. The last time this happened was at the Equinox in Hawthorne, CA. Straight black guys on the DL will do me anywhere, anytime. Gay is my plan B: Substitution of what I want with what I’ve got. Just call me lazy Susan because with guys I just like to be the skinny little bitch and let them do the driving.  

Follow Me to Recovery of Your God Consciousness

There is healthy gay sexuality and there is unhealthy gay sexuality. Loving, intimate and monogamous long-term relationships between men can heal gay brokenness and are healthy. Cruising gay bathhouses, nudist sex resorts and adult bookstores can be unhealthy. My sexual preference is for petite brown-eyed brunettes and when I can’t find social and emotional intimacy there I substitute sexual energy by cruising Craigslist, the online gay bathhouse. My reality is my trusty Plan B for Bisexuality in my practice of sexual energy substitution and transmutation in the California Southwestern Desert.

The purpose of this article is to use sexual energy substitution to fuel this message to gay and bisexual teenagers and young adults looking for informational resources on homosexuality from an expert on tantric anal intercourse and sacred ritual masturbation. Been there done that.

You Are Consciousness

You are not gay you are pansexual. There really is not such thing as gay or straight. You have the ability to attain to sexual intimacy with whomever you choose and you also have the ability to attain cosmic universal consciousness right here right now. It would be easier if you were here in the crystal clear consciousness of the desert. That can be arranged. The important thing is that you found this blog and are reading my sacred intimate service to the young souls seeking solace of the heart, mind, and body.

Conscious connection to your own essence is the only real protection for your heart. With the kundalini spirit of your own essence as your intuitive companion you are emotionally prepared to learn quickly. You quickly come up with on-the-spot new ways to intuitively flow ahead in the same way that you joyfully flow through your vinyasa. The way you flow on your yoga mat is the way you flow anywhere. Do you reach for your edge or do you reach for the easy low hanging fruit of sensual pleasure in the jungle of Eden? Stretch to your edge and reach for the subtle and longer lasting pleasure of flowing and meditating into stillness and the golden silence and bliss of solitude.

You Are the People You Hang Out With

Some people say that you become like the people you hang out with. I say that you already are exactly like the people you are hanging out with right here right now. If you are alone you may be in better company than to be with people with poor emotional hygiene. I often stop and ask myself, am I in character defect or am I in God consciousness? Sometimes I think I am being clever and funny but I am really just an annoying and obnoxious little man. Practice good social and emotional hygiene by practicing total sensory awareness as you observe yourself in action.

Practice Good Emotional & Social Hygiene

Become an observer of your own consciousness and train your mind to be calm and steady Can you delay emotional gratification and read a book instead of watching television or going out to a movie. Can you give up your idle chatter and meditate? You can create your day. You can create your own reality if you think you can. Be aware of the effect your emotions have on you and the community around you. Do you demonstrate a calm mind with a calming effect on people or does your back and forth sketchiness rub off on innocent bystanders and make them nervous. I try to practice the constant spirit of sexual healing to the the world community with this emotional health blog. By passing along my direct experience with sexual energy substitution and transmutation I am giving you my gift. I am being the sexological mentor to you that I needed when I was a kid trying to figure it all out on my own.

Homosexuality is very complicated and sometimes dangerous learned behaviour.There is intentional darkness in gay culture. Homosexual culture has a thousand different sub-cults many too deviant and intentionally degrading to mention here.You have many different cholces in life. You have broadband choices in dialing in your alternative sexuality. My suggestion is to keep an open mind and stay versatile. If you are a teenager into same sex relationships and you accidentally stumble into a heterosexual relationship don’t fight it. Try out something new with the opposite sex just like you tried out something new with your same sex. You can always go back to being totally gay.

Sexual Energy Substitution: Where There’s Steam There’s Hot Water

At some point in the gay bathhouse you may find yourself like the frog in the boiling pot of water. You suddenly wake-up to the fact that the water in the bathhouse jacuzzi is very hot and you are doing something sexual you never thought you would be doing. Circus side-show strong men and carnival barkers are handing out candy and balloons for free outside the bathhouse and then selling the harder stuff inside. If you smell steam then something must be boiling, make sure it is not you. 

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