What is the Most Important Learning Tool of Gay Sex?

Anal masturbation is integral to learning successful homosexual gratification. In fact after a while gay men learn to masturbate so well that this can often lead to tantric masturbation and a divine multi-orgasmic hour long ritual that can be more totally gratifying, rewarding and spiritual than actual man to man sex. On the mystical level of reality it is never ever about the other person. We are always really totally alone. The love I feel for Dr. McDuff is really the love that I have in myself that I am projecting on to him. On one level homosexuality is really just narcissistic love and I do it well.

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Anal Masturbation is Integral to Gay Pornography

Watch a typical gay pornographic movie on a website such as dosexvideo and you will see the importance of homosexual masturbation. It hurts getting fucked for your very first time. When a teen-aged boy is learning how to lose his virginity and be penetrated the first time it is absolutely necessary to masturbate at first. If a young man masturbates while he is losing his anal virginity then the feeling is pleasurable. It feels better getting fucked when you are masturbating when you are new to gay life. After a while the lad develops mature sexuality and can enjoy getting fucked without masturbating as he becomes an experienced bottom.

It is important for the bottom not to ejaculate too soon while getting fucked. Once a boy ejaculates his sphincter closes up and getting fucked becomes suddenly painful. Therefore it is important not to come while masturbating during gay sex. My mentor Dr. McDuff would always forcefully at first and then gently prevent me from ejaculating during the first hours of sex. The good sexologist would always intone the mantra: “Hold your seed. Hold hour seed.”

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I was very lucky to have a mature total top let me move in with him so that he could train me in the details of gay sex. Homosexuality is very complicated, learned behavior. Having a gay male gynecologist teach me about homosexuality and anal health was one of the best things that ever happened to me.

Good masturbation involves prostate stimulation. In male homosexuality it is important to intentionally and consciously work with your prostate gland. The prostate gland is reached trough your anal canal. Therefore anal sex is very important to total male sexual gratification. Anal masturbation is the key to training a boy to become a man capable of enjoying hours of being penetrated during gay anal sexual intercourse.

Anal Masturbation Training homosexual masturbation lifestyle creation

The Aneros prostate stimulator is a scientific homosexual training tool. This type of vibrator can speed your anal sex training up so that you will start really enjoying getting fucked. After using this for a few years I started enjoying anal intercouse more and more. Thanks to Dr. McDuff training me in sexological bodywork I experienced love for the first time. I was forty years old and I experienced the love gushing emotion of true human emotion for the first time.

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