Jeffrey Robert Cowan & Associates

Private Citizen Issued and Enforced Restraining Order

Are you fed up with international child sex traffickers fucking-up Coachella Valley neighborhoods?  Fight back with virtual vigilance by creating your own citizen issued and enforced restraining orders.  Your help is needed to protect the desert from the Mexican boy lover club of pedophiles.  Registered gay child sex trafficker & youth league baseball uniform salesman John Herriot and his CPA, Jeffrey Robert Cowan, have been evicted by law enforcement from Camino del Sol at 200 E. Racquet Club Road, Unit #20 in Palm Springs for criminal activity and have moved to Cathedral City.  Cowan and Herriott are known to frequent gay karaoke bars and engage in movie theater-hopping.  By associating with Megan’s Law registered child sex offenders property owners Stephen De La Cruz and Jack Tea, Jr. must register 29613 Calle Tampico as a vacation address for Mr. Herriott.  The purpose of this website is to support tightening up Megan’s Law by computing how many degrees John Herriot is from Mr. De La Cruz and Mr. Tea for online publication. 

jeffrey r cowan

Corroboration of Jeff Cowan’s criminal behavior can be obtained by his former next door neighbor/realtor Pat Cook or HOA President Brian Woodhouse at Camino Del Sol.  Woodhouse and Cook are also aware of the arrest of pedophile Charles Wilkins as related to John Herriot.  The purpose of this website is to support legislation to tighten up address registration requirements for the Megan’s Law Website that will better protect the residents of the Racket Club Crime Corridor in Palm Springs, California.

jeffrey cowan cpajeffrey robert cowan 29613 Calle Tampico Restraining Order

Restrained Property of Jeffrey Robert Cowan | Age 63

Rented Room
29613 Calle Tampico

Cathedral CityCA 92234

Title Holders:
Stephen B Delacruz
and Clark A. Tea Jr

Last Purchase Price: $205,454 (2002); Property Taxes: $3,552 (2009)

1,875 square feet;  Beds: 2;  Baths: 2

Mr. Clark A. Tea JR. | Age 84

Current Address
29613 Calle Tampico
Cathedral City, CA 92234-4940

Phone Numbers
(760) 770-6085 – LandLine/Services
(702) 293-4277 – LandLine/Services

Email Addresses

Previous Addresses
11372 Woodbury Rd
Garden Grove, CA 92843-3547 
(6/29/2017 – 6/29/2017)

Possible Relatives

Known Possible Associates

Jeffrey Robert Cowan, John Karl Herriott, Rick Boehle, Jeff Calvert, Esq., Drew Searing, Bobby Resurecion, Stephen B. Delacruz , Don R Leege , Jack D Barker

29613 Calle Tampico Restraining Order

La Paloma

In the interest of public safety and in order to prevent irreparable harm to the La Paloma neighborhood located at 29613 Calle Tampico, an informal citizen restraining order has been issued in Cathedral City California.  These individuals must be monitored at all times by concerned citizens, neighborhood watch groups and the Guardian Angels.  Law enforcement is taxed to the limit in the vast, crime-infested desert.

la paloma restraining order cat city

Persons to Be Restrained and Monitored

The persons to be restrained are registered child sex trafficker John Herriot his CPA, Mr. Jeffrey Robert Cowan and CMEN spokesperson Charles Kenyon.  Other persons to be restrained are all members of California Men Enjoying Naturism and the Men of Desert Hot Springs & Coachella Valley.  If you see these individuals, attempt to apprehend them, they are unarmed and only a danger to small children.  You should monitor their every move and take notes for use by busy law enforcement investigators.  Your help is needed to keep track of Jeffrey Cowan and all of his associates.

Additional Persons to be Monitored

Stephen B Delacruz

 Cathedral City, California  59
  nvrf****, ste***, stephen.********, stephend********
  Steve S de , Steve Dela, Stephen Dela Cruz, Stephen Cruz, Stephen D Cruz, Stephen Dela, Stephen Delacrluz, Steve Dela Cruz, Stephen Delacruz
  29613 Calle Tampico, Cathedral City, CA; 11372 Woodbury Rd, Garden Grove

Current Address

Phone Numbers

(760) 449-8121 – Wireless
(714) 585-0168 – Wireless
(760) 770-6085 – LandLine/Services

Possible Associates

Tom Wallace , Margarita M Montano , Mark C Lander , Salvador E Larios , Charles F Schultz SR , Clark A Tea JR ,Edna J Moreno , Eliseo Lucas , Frank T Dicristina JR , Frederick L Hanson JR , George Gonzales , Kathy A Spangler , Kirsten R Thorstad ,Margarita Moreno , Carolina S Fernandez , Christopher Mueller , Dolores Moreno , James Rv Mclaughlin , Joseph X Cornely , Joseph T Ellison , Kathy Spangler, John HerriottTony Merker, Rick Boehle, Charles Kenyon, Pat Cook, Brian Woodhouse, Jarrad Cowan, Wendy Cowan, Drew Searing, Paul Wilkins, Arthur DiMino, Edye Pogue, Glenn Castelazo, JR Roberts


Tennessee child sex trafficking

Men of Desperate Hot Springs, California

The men of Desperate Hot Springs should be warned that any association with Jeffrey Robert Cowan and John Herriot may subject them to intense scrutiny by citizen watchdog groups formed to combat child sex trafficking in the desert. 

200 E. Racquet Club Road

Jeffrey Cowan and his associates are responsible for several crimes along the Racquet Club Crime Corridor in Palm Springs.  Mr. Cowan burglarized 200 E. Racquet Club Road, Unit #20 and was evicted by his neighbor Pat Cook.  Cowan should be considered repugnant and obnoxious no matter what part of the desert he is located in.

DIY Online Restraining Orders

Online restraining orders are easy to create.  You can even use this article as a template.  The purpose of this article is to give grass roots neighborhood organizations crime fighting ideas.  Child sex trafficking is a huge problem in the desert.  Law enforcement needs your help to subdue these predators.  Bloggers such as myself need content and crusades and child sex trafficking is a bonafide attention getter.  The most important thing about bloggins is to blog early and blog often. If you are not going to blog all day long, then don’t bother doing it because you will never be able to keep up with everybody else.