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jeffrey r cowan

Jeffrey Robert Cowan, CPA

Certified Public Accountant Jeffrey Robert Cowan is currently under investigation for his involvement with the Mexican Boy Lover Club of gay sexual predators.  Currently Cowan cooks the books for John Herriot’s bogus youth league baseball uniform business in West Hollywood.  Mr. Cowan is also involved with tax attorney Alvin B. Sherron in filing nuisance lawsuits against human trafficking investigators.  Cowan also defrauds the IRS by failing to disclose rental income, and stealing his tenants tax refund checks. By aiding and abetting convicted gay pedophile John Herriot, these financial services professionals pose a serious threat to public safety.  If you have any information concerning the illegal activities of Mr. Cowan, please contact this investigation. 

Affidavit of Theft

On April 24, 2017, Jeffrey Robert Cowan, aided and abetted by Danny Wellchance, Tony Merker and Pablo Rivera, stole a 2003 Nissan Sentra, Lenovo Laptop, TV and other personal property from 200 E. Racquet Club Rd. in PS.  Cowan, Merker and Wellchance are attempting to interfere with the investigation of the boy lover club by depriving these acts.  Jeffrey has been cited by the Palm Springs Police Department for driving his Mustang convertible barefoot, in his underwear and in the middle of a psychotic episode.  PSPD had Mr. Cowan involuntarily committed to the psychiatric ward of Desert Regional Hospital.

Mr. Cowan is a very deceptive accountant who engages in underhanded tactics such as changing his name.  Jeffrey Robert Cowan was born Jeffrey Robert Goldhammer. In order to piss off his parents, Cowan changed his name when he lost a paternity lawsuit with Wendy Cowan, the mother of their son, Jarrad Cowan-Goldhammer.

The Goldhammer/Cowan Deception 

jeffrey robert goldhammerThis ongoing investigation is collecting evidence to be used against Mr. Cowan for prosecution in federal court for income tax evasion.  Cowan collects rents from tenants and then calls the police to have these tenants evicted.  Cowan fails to declare any of his rental income on his tax returns.  For these and other acts of malfeasance Mr. Cowan must and will be held accountable.  If you are able to support his investigation in any way please contact us.  Our mission is to prevent Jeff Cowan and John Herriot from harming children.

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