How Many Degrees From Eydie Poague Are You?

Should Eydie Poague and Kim Harris be held accountable for creating malicious and harmful gossip if it occurred fifteen years ago? Yes, because people still believe it is true today. How do you get someone two degrees removed such as Kim Harris DiMino, married to Art DiMino the Pool Nanny, to see the truth?

The way to communicate the truth to Kim Harris is through these blogs. The world must know that there is no truth to any of the negative things that the DiMino Crime Family may still be saying about the sordid events of fifteen years ago at 10244 Hellendale Avenue in Tujunga, California.

kim harrris brother-in-law andy dimino

The Power of WordPress

Everyone should have a WordPress blog just like this one you are reading so that they can easily publish public rebuttals to any incorrect information being disseminated about them. Each post only needs to be three hundred words long and if correctly written can be easily located with a simple search engine query for whatever key word is used. For example the key word in this article is “kim harris”.

kim harris dimino

Kim Harris, Age 50

Current Address
3664 Carmel View Rd
San Diego, CA 92130-2558

Phone Numbers
(818) 679-1462 – Wireless
(818) 353-8032 – Landline
(818) 242-1372 – Landline

Email Addresses

Associated Names
Kim Kim

Previous Addresses
804 Sugarloaf Blvd
Big Bear City, CA 92314-9653
(Jan 2009 – Jan 2016)
10202 Mount Gleason Ave
Tujunga, CA 91042-2108
(Aug 2005 – Jan 2010)
10349 Glory Ave
Tujunga, CA 91042-2023
(May 2005)

Possible Relatives

Art DiMino, Andy (Dean Martin) DiMino, Angelo DiMino, James DiMino, Victor DiMino (possible test tube son by surrogate mother, petri dish or other artificial means), Craig H Harris, David Harris, David Harris, Dawana L Williams, Ida M Harris, Eddie Har Harris Sr, Juanita L Harris Jr, Latonya T Harris, Pamela Harris, Shontay S Harris, Sylvester A Harris Jr, Taiwan L Harris, Walita Anw Harris, Eve Pogue, (sister in-law)

Possible Associates

Gary W Shanklin, Geoffrey N Shanklin, Arthur Dimino, Ying Tsz Leung, Andrew John Bristow, Catherine P Nish, Brenda E Cluff, Cameron T Williams, Dajanee H Williams, Dawanal Wan Williams, Deneise K Williams, Donte L Williams, Eric Williams, Jacquelyn Williams, Linda K Jones, Nathaniel Scott Williams Jr, Shaunise N Williams, Shawnie J Smith, Sylvester Williams