mission statementMission Statement

This is a private citizen investigation blog researching three different types of crime:

  1. Human sex trafficking of male children under the age of 14 years,
  2. Property owners in Palm Springs acting against private civil liberties of trafficking investigators,
  3. Elected officials acting against public interest in Palm Springs.

Investigate Gay Pedophile Human Trafficking

As part of a plea bargain convicted gay pedophile Paul Wilkins testified at his federal sentencing that he rented a condominium in Palm Springs to meet with the so-called “boylover club” to pay for sex with two Mexican boys aged 9 and 12 years.

This investigation alleges that the boy lover club operates nationwide using gay naturist resorts, paid sex parties in private homes and little league baseball uniforms as cover operations. Suspected members of the boylover club :

  1. John Herriotmission statement
  2. Jeffrey Calvert, Esq.
  3. Rick Boehle
  4. Charles Kenyon
  5. Steve Fuji
  6. Jeffrey Cowan, CPA 

Interference with Human Trafficking Investigation

In attempt to prevent this investigation Jeffrey Cowan, Herriot and Kenyon have spread rumors in Palm Springs that there is a non-existent restraining order issued against Dean McAdams. There is no restraining order issued against Mr. McAdams by anyone or any law enforcement agency. Individuals known to be disseminating this misrepresentation are: 

  1. Jeffrey Cowan
  2. Rich Dalwigkgay boy sex trafficking
  3. Paul Schneiderman
  4. Joe Fuchs
  5. Rodger Morris


Investigate Public Corruption

In February 2017 criminal charges were filed against:

  1. Steve Pougnetgay boy sex trafficking
  2. John Wessman
  3. Richard Meaney. 

These criminal defendants took public money raised by increasing the sales tax via Measure J and lined their pockets with it.The Palm Springs City Council needs to immediately address construction proposals and projects which are irreparably harming the citizens. Instead they are trying to figure out how to implement new taxes. These elected public officials need to be held accountable.  

  1. JR Roberts,gay boy sex trafficking
  2. Geoff Kors,
  3. Robert Moon.

Anyone with information or a response to this investigation is welcome to use the contact box. Please provide your email address and Dean will correspond with you.