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PS is in legal limbo now that disgraced ex-mayor has tied up the downtown skyline with his upcoming trial for perjury, bribery and public corruption. The Palm Springs method of politics is to get elected to the City Council and then change public laws to benefit your private business and real estate holdings. Even if you try to comply with city regulations you will be confused by them. This desert is one big land fraud. First Sonny Bono and now Steve Pougnet.


The City of Palm Springs can’t decide who they want to rip off next, hipsters, Indians, or tourists. It’s permanent midnight at the oasis. Downtown PS is a mess of uncompleted, stalled construction currently tied up in the criminal trial of former Mayor Pougnet and corrupt developer John Wessman.  

“It has gotten out of hand,” said Councilman J. R. Roberts, who along with Councilman Geoff Kors has spearheaded the city’s efforts to restrict short-term rentals. Sitting over coffee in Mr. Roberts’s 1954 dwelling, known as the Edris House, the two discussed their unhappiness with the shifts brought on by Airbnb, VRBO and others, even as they considered the ways the rental market has benefited them. Both men have owned homes that they rented. “It made me a fortune,” Mr. Roberts said. “People come to let down their hair and live the martini lifestyle. You will be living just the way Frank Sinatra did in 1947.”

Frankie Goes to the Palm Springs City Council

First Frankie went to Hollywood then he went to PS to promote desert real estate. The Palm Springs City Council is still trying to sell the Frank Sinatra version of PS. What J.R. Roberts is really doing is just using Sinatra and Elvis Presley to pump up the dying image of a dying wasteland. The city of Palm Springs is dying and all these guys can do is talk about how they are going to increase their private fortunes by taxing tourists. 

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