Wider Investigation

Deeper investigation into the scandal at city hall makes the connection that Pougnet lives in Colorado, and Wessman has an unfinished development in Durango, Colorado derisively referred to by locals as “Box on the Rocks”. Wessman has a reputation for escaping close public scrutiny of his obtrusive style of development in three states.

Resort Belt Blight: The Cameron townhouse development in Palm Springs is currently unable to finish completion because Wessman changed the height from single story to three stories after city approval of his building plans. Wessman Industries is a blight upon the landscape with this out-of-place monstrosity built without public approval on a mountain top in Durango. Wessman has also raped the Palm Springs skyline with his obtrusively skyscraping hotel resorts that stand unfinished like modern industrial ruins. A developer could never get away with this blatant public desecration in a big city like Los Angeles or Denver. Small town municipal governments need to stand up to environmental rapists like John Wessman.  

It’s Complicated: What is the Colorado connection between three accused conspirators currently on trial in Riverside County Superior Court?  Does wheeler dealer Richard Meaney fit into this picture or does Wessman have local realtors, contractors and developers in Durango, CO?  Did John Wessman business entities and/or agents escape public review in the Mile High State of Colorado just like they did in the low desert of California?  

palm springs investigation durango

BOX ON THE ROCKS | Durango Herald | February 20, 2017 |  Wessman’s Mirador residential development in Durango, Colorado is known better locally as “Box on the Rocks.”  The project was unique in that it did not require a public review process or City Council vote because of its location and an existing development plan for the city’s western ridgeline, so Durango city staff members approved the project internally in 2006. The first units were built in 2007 on Rock Point Drive, above Greenmount Cemetery. Phase two of the nine-phase, multi-unit project broke ground in December adjacent to the existing triplex. Mirador will consist of 23 units when completed.


Michael Braun, Wessman’s son-in-law and senior vice president at Wessman Development, wrote in an email to The Durango Herald that the pending charges will not impede Mirador construction. “We anticipate the build-out of phase two to be completed by late summer 2017 and the remaining phases by 2018 to complete this exciting housing project,” Braun wrote. Durango officials, including Mayor Christina Rinderle and City Manager Ron LeBlanc, said they were unfamiliar with the details of the case, and they had no comment for the Herald.

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Palm Springs City Hall Investigation

steve pougnet investigation

Tots of the Pops


Where did all of the taxpayer’s Measure J money go? What does PS have to show for this taxation without representation? We pay an extra one cent sales tax for so crooks like Pougnet, Wessman and Meaney can make off like bandits and leave PS looking like a ghost town? All PS gets is an FBI investigation but we need a little bit more. Public money has been stolen by politicians and Palm Springs needs a town hall uprising. 


Who Do You Love?

Spring Broke: The PS City Council is notorious for chasing visitors out of town. Getting rid of Spring Break by outlawing thong bikinis in the late 1980’s still breaks my heterocentric heart. You non-pussy grabbing fags on the city council should repeal this lame local ordinance as a peace offering to women between the ages of 17 and 23. We need that demographic if we could ever entice them to return.

Gay Bashing by Cop: So PS doesn’t like sexy college girls showing off tits and ass in public and I become a practicing bisexual. What does PS do? In 2011 the Palm Springs Police Department tried to run the homosexuals out of town with an unconstitutional undercover gay sex sting operation in Warm Sands causing the Chief to resign and put PS into news headlines about PSPD homophobia worldwide.

pspd shooting investigation

Cpl. DeVillena drove all the way from his duty base in 29 Palms to drink in a bar in PS and get killed by the cops.  Who needs ISIS when you have PSPD?

Okay Then How About “Just Drinks?”

USMC Cpl. Allan “AJ” DeVillena II (1990-2012) | In 2015 the city paid $2.6 million to the family of a harmlessly rude drunken unarmed United States Marine shot and killed by a PSPD bicycle officer while jumping through the window into his moving vehicle in a downtown parking structure in front of a female designated driver from Whitewater who screamed at the Palm Springs Police Department: “Murderers!”

Saved by Bikers?  Exactly who is welcomed with open arms onto the streets of Palm Canyon Drive, day trippers on loud motorcycles searching for cheeseburgers and gas?  What if those Harley-Davidson nimrods decide they don’t want get ripped-off by Measure J anymore?

Permanent Midnight at the Oasis

The City of Palm Springs is broken and it doesn’t appear that the current city council is up to the fiduciary duty required to serve the citizens who elected them. Perhaps there should be a referendum to remedy this deplorable situation. The only solution seems to be a completely new city council comprised of independent and qualified public servants. Further investigation into the scandal at city hall will most likely support this drastic conclusion. Citizen revolt may be necessary before the feds declare martial law in this vast untamed desert.