Palm Springs Police Negligence

Negligence and incompetence are the trademarks of the Palm Springs Police Department. PS cops create dangerous situations that usually end up with a body count. Sometimes it seems like the PSPD are only about the body count. When the PSPD show up, somebody is going to die. That’s what happened to Cpl. Allan DeVillena, a 22 year old Marine from the high desert who was shot and killed by PSPD Bicycle Officers’ Heron and Nordman. DeVillena was unarmed, intoxicated and failed to obey the officers but in no way deserved to die that fateful Saturday night.

Failure to Investigate the Boy Lover Club

Due to the negligence of the PSPD, John Herriot and the gay Mexican Boy Lover Club have taken over 200 E. Racquet Club Road. The incompetent Palm Springs police should be investigating gay human sex trafficking in the Racquet Club Crime Corridor instead of killing a few good Marines downtown. This is negligent supervision and improper deployment of police resources. Assign Officers Heron and Nordman surveillance duty of John Herriot’s little league baseball uniform business.

Officer Negligence of October 8, 2016

Due to the professional negligence of the Palm Springs Police Department two cops were killed and another allegedly wounded at high noon on October 8, 2016. What really happened that day? The cops will say there is a gag order preventing the parties from talking to the media. But the cops are calling the fallen officers heros, that’s talking to the media. Exactly how did a convicted felon pull of this heinous double cop murder and is there anything that PSPD is going to do to prevent this in the future or do we just have to accept their version?

The Palm Springs Police Department is broken and it needs to be fixed before the United States Department of Justice has to step in and obtain a federal consent decree to reign these local Boy Scouts in. PSPD is a dangerously dysfunctional organization. How many more Marines, civilians and police officers must die due to the professional negligence of the City of Palm Springs?