Who Was The Third Police Officer?

There is something very important that the Palm Springs Police Department does not want you to know about. Who was the third officer present on October 8, 2016 when Officers Vega and Zerebney got themselves killed by a convicted felon who they were warned was armed? If the 911 dispatch operator told the cops guns were present how did three cops get shot? It must be something pretty bad for the cops to keep the name and facts totally buried. Did the cops accidentally drop their guns, trip on their own dicks and shoot themselves?

The Palm Springs Police Department is as negligent and incompetent as the gay con men with their fake credentials who run the city council. The citizens have a right to know exactly why two cops are dead and a third unnamed officer wounded. The city has been lauding the two dead officers as heros for over a year now. Let’s hear all the facts and find out about the third officer, not just the parts the cops want us to know about.

Why Don’t The Cops Tell The Whole Story?

Were the cops even shot by the shooter? What are the details of the shooters injuries the killer was taken to the hospital for? Did the police accidentally shoot each other? I demand to know exactly what happened. I have been listening to the ceremonies for the dead cops until I need to hear the whole story before I hear any more of the cops fake hero stories. PS is a seamy, sordid, squalid little hole. Palm Springs should be placed under martial law as a Homeland Security training exercise.

Pimp Springs Is Done

Palm Springs has made itself irrelevant. The gays jacked up the price of real estate, the cops run unconstitutional sex stings on the gays, the Internet and changing times make it way cooler to be gay in Hermosa Beach than Palm Springs. Palm Springs is long gone dead.