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This is Bobby Resurrecion’s  Work

Restraining Pedophile Website Deception

Bobby Resurrecion is one of the main website administrators for registered child sex predator John Herriot and Sports Warehouse.  Sports Warehouse is not a legitimate youth league baseball uniform business.  Sports Warehouse is a deceptive pedophile website designed to initiate contact between gay sex criminals and boys under the age of 14 years.  

Bobby Resurrection is the pedophile website administrator for a statutorily designated violent criminal in the person of Mr. Herriot.  Because of this association with Mr. Herriot, Mr. Resurreccion should therefore also be considered a potential threat to the community. Herriot must be restrained from passing out free samples of little league baseball uniforms with help from pedophile website administrators. Aiding and abetting human traffickers is a serious federal offense.  

Is John Herriot Really Computer Illiterate?

Mr. Herriot pretends to be computer illiterate, however his father John Herriot, Sr. was a Stanford University Math and Computer Pioneer. 

SFGATE.COM | April 14, 2005 |  A pioneer mathematician who guided Stanford University’s early computer science program in the 1950s and ’60s died last month and will be honored with a fund in his name. Stanford has established the John G. Herriot Memorial Fund for the professor emeritus who died after a brief illness on March 16 at age 87. Professor Herriot, described by colleagues as a true gentleman, graceful and kind, retired in 1982 after four decades at Stanford.

“He was a traditional academic who dressed in a suit and tie, worked hard for the department and university and carefully prepared his lectures,” said Gene Golub, the Fletcher Jones Professor of Computer Science. “He was always friendly and concerned about people.”

Stanford administrators asked Professor Herriot, a faculty mathematician, to lead a new Stanford Computation Center in 1952, after it acquired its first computer, an IBM Card Programmed Calculator. He served as the center’s director from 1953 to 1961, at first providing services to the few pioneering researchers and later to the entire university. According to Stanford spokeswoman Dawn Levy, the professor’s work “veered from pure mathematics to computer-oriented research, which focused on numerical analysis, especially development of problem-solving algorithms. During this time — the infancy of computers — some viewed the machines more as glorified calculators than as launching points for an academic discipline.”

In 1955, Professor Herriot taught Stanford’s first programming course — Math 139: Theory and Operation of Computing Machines. In 1956, the university acquired its second computer, an IBM 650, which was three to five times faster than its predecessor.  

He was born in Winnipeg, Canada, in 1916, and received a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and physics from the University of Manitoba in 1937. He earned a doctoral degree in mathematics from Brown University in 1941. There he met his future wife, Sally, who survives him. After teaching math at Yale University from 1941 to 1942, he moved to Stanford to teach from 1942 to 1944. From 1944 to 1946, he studied air flow over airplane wings in the Ames Aeronautical Laboratory at Moffett Field. He returned to Stanford in 1946 as an assistant professor of mathematics and became a full professor in 1956. 

Besides his wife, who lives in Palo Alto, he is survived by children Robert Herriot of Palo Alto, Jean Emans of Weston, Mass., James Herriot of Palo Alto and John Herriot of Los Angeles; sisters Marion Bryden of Toronto and Ethel McPhail of Winnipeg; and six grandchildren.

Who Is Pedophile Website Operator John Herriot Really?

Can John Herriot the pedophile website owner really be computer illiterate if his father was a computer pioneer?  Something is not transparent with Mr. Herriot. Something is not right with Bobby Resurreccion. Even John’s mother was a high quality person.

Sarah “Sally” Herriot
June 20, 1918 – Sept 24, 2013
Resident of Palo Alto, California
National leader in high school mathematics education

Raised in South Carolina, she received her BA from Winthrop College as Valedictorian, her MS in Math from Brown University, and later her Doctorate in Math Education from Stanford. While at Brown, she met her husband, John Herriot from Winnipeg, who was completing his PhD in math. After marrying in 1941, they came to Stanford where he joined the Math Department and later co-founded the Computer Science Dept, and Sally taught math to returning GIs. 

She is survived by her 4 children, Robert (Patricia), Jean Emans (John), James (Maren), and John (Bobby), 6 grandchildren, Jennie, Nick, Liv, Neil, Kate Emans Sims, Matt Emans, and 3 great grandchildren. 

Tony Merker

Herriot has a legion of co-conspirators assisting him in his boy trafficking operation, including Tony Merker, Pablo Rivera, Jeffrey R. Cowan and others. These peds have been operating with impunity for decades. One of the main purposes of this website is to monitor gay child sexual predators with virtual vigilance. If you see these guys, keep an eye on them. If you believe a crime has been committed, dial 911.