Why Does Officer Christopher Smart Keep His Sunglasses On In The Shade? 

Last night Palm Springs Police Department Officer Christopher Smart told me he doesn’t care what I think about him.  Last night was my third contact with Smart, however I didn’t realize it until Officer Jeffrey Burton finally admitted who Smart was after playing bad cop, bad cop with me.  Officer Smart Ass was wearing sunglasses and smirking and so I actually thought that perhaps there were two officers with the last name Smart at PSPD. How dumb is that?  

Is there an Officer Smart Ass and an Officer Christopher Smart employed by the City of Palm Springs? No, there is only an Officer Christopher Smart. I wonder if the Officer is smart enough to Google his own name? Officers Smart Ass and Agua Caliente Aguilar have consistently interfered with the investigation of gay child sex trafficking on Arenas Street in downtown PS. I’m afraid of the cops taking revenge upon me in this ghetto desert and that is no joke.

Are cops allowed to wear sunglasses while interrogating a witness? Isn’t it considered unprofessional for a cop to wear shades on the job? Why the heck did I spend so much time talking to the PSPD without an attorney present?  BECAUSE THE COPS WERE INTERROGATING ME OUTSIDE WITH NO WATER IN THE 110 DEGREE HEAT AND I WAS OUT OF MY MIND.   

Never Speak To Law Enforcement Without An Attorney Present

Never, ever talk to the police without an experienced criminal attorney present.  Cops such as Officer Smart Ass will take your words out of context and use your words against you. The purpose of writing this blog is to remind myself to heed the advice of all attorneys, both civil and criminal:  Never Talk To Cops. The Palm Springs Police Department is all about the body count.  All the cops care about is putting people in prison.  Right now in Palm Springs there is a popularity contest between the criminals and everyone else. Officers Smart and Burton say that the pedophiles have won the election and that I must move out of Palm Springs.  Dean McAdams says that if Burton and Smart don’t like my child sex trafficking investigation, then they should hand in their badges and guns to Chief Reyes and get out of my way.  

Private Opinion, Public Affairs

I actually like and support all law enforcement agencies and officers.  I am a community policing partner of the United States Constitution.  However I have decided that when I fuck the Palm Springs Police Department I am not going to be using any lubricant.  Last night when I told Smart that in my opinion it is dumb for the PSPD to prevent investigation of child sex trafficking in the desert he replied: “I don’t care what you think about the Palm Springs Police Department or how we do our jobs.”   Officers Smart, Burton, Cook, Gonzalez and “Agua Caliente” Aguilar have shaken me out of my summer heat wave doldrums and reawakened this blog.  Love your enemies because you can sometimes get three or four good blogs a day out of it.