Has Your Religion Become a Mere Social Resource?

Everything eventually degenerates into mediocrity. A mystical Jewish cult on the fringes of society becomes the Catholic religion, Martin Luther transforms it into the Protestant religion and then the whole thing degenerates into a Christian social resource for billions of believers looking for an easy way out. There is no easy way out, everybody has to do their own spiritual work. Christianity is actually the religion of mystics and saints and very difficult to practice in the real world. Even the version of Kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan has become more of a social resource dominated by women than the sublime path of ultimate liberation which yoga was intended to be.

Resourcefulness and Aging

Gratification of social needs is different at the different stages or our lives. When I was young I needed much more social interaction than I do now that I am old. I only need to spend a little time engaged in small talk in the coffee shop on a holiday weekend morning because I am usually in a hurry to get someplace quiet where I can get all jacked up on God. I am obtaining social gratification by writing this blog.

jacked up on god

Spiritual Resource

Gratification of spiritual needs is also different at the different stages of our lives. When I was young I felt like my family was forcing the Catholic Religion down my throat and I resented it. My grandmother had a Black Madonna in her living room and it really disturbed me as a child. When I was fourteen I started practicing yoga and when I was nineteen I discovered meditation. Thirty-five years later I was able to take the time to put the two together to create an authentic yoga practice of one breath one movement.

Can God Become a Social Resource?

Maybe God has also become part of my social resource. To maintain a strong social network a person has to be out in the world. I am retiring from the world. I really love to pray and meditate. I truly enjoy spending as much time alone as possible. I have a solo tantric sexual practice that is out of this body and out of this world.    

tantric sex