Pedophiles Never Disgusted Me Until I Met Jeff Calvert

I never really had a negative opinion of pedophiles until I met Jeff Calvert. I never really had a negative opinion of men who dress up in women’s clothing until I met Jeff Calvert. I never had a negative opinion of totally gay men until I met Jeff Calvert.  Now I am disgusted by gay pedophiles in drag.  Now I don’t like gay pedophiles no matter what they are wearing.  

As a matter of fact I am pretty damn disgusted by the whole gay con job these days.  I like sex with other men but I’m not really a fan of fags. Sometimes I am fortunate enough to have masculine men grab my pussy, but the whole rainbow wig thing is pathetic.  Men who self-identify as “gay” tend to be emotionally stunted and outrageous. Takes one to know one, right? I cringe in embarrassment at having once self-identified as “gay”. What a regrettable mistake to limit myself as such. 

The reason I expose Jeffrey Calvert, Esq. as a pedophile is because state and federal laws encourage and permit public scrutiny of anyone involved in human trafficking.  Mr. Calvert is legal counsel for CMEN, a private gay men’s club promoting the practice of pedophilia in Palm Springs and Philadelphia, PA. This pederast program is presided over by John Herriot and his propaganda publisher Rick Boehle. Financial payments are provided by Charles Kenyon and police work is performed by Rich Dalwigk.  

The reason for hammering out this blog is to get me back into the groove of writing. In a few minutes I will drive over to the Palm Springs Public Library and get a library card.  Then I will check out some good old fashioned novels and short stories by people like Michael Cunningham and George Saunders.

I Need A New Dimension

I need to get back to writing fiction now that I have learned how to blog.  I want to transmute my sexual energy with fiction instead of ranting and raving about the degradation of aberrated homosexuality.  I shall glorify the unfettered reality of the white tantra yogi living in the desert.

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