Turning On My Heart

Another miracle happened in my life this week. This always happens to me. Constantly. A Kundalini yoga teacher gave me special correction after class on Monday that led to the total turning on of my weak heart chakra. She said to open up my chest more during practice. I showed her my heart surgery scars and she said that I was protecting my heart. She was right.

turn on my own heart

Inside Job

During my personal practice at home I began opening up my chest more and it opened up my heart and my love!  I practiced opening up my physical heart, the heart chakra energy around the heart and moving this heart energy around my body. This new gift of opening up and turning on my heart has transformed my life this warm Winter morning.

turned on heart

Surgical Inversion

After focusing on opening up my chest for a few days it’s as if my heart is finally turned all the way on emotionally again after my heart surgery three years ago.  This emotional turning on of my heart is a continuation of Dr. Allen facilitating the opening up my heart chakra in 2010. Now I feel like I can flip my anger and turn my love on just like I turn my anger on.

angry heart

Bring Love to the Banquet

My new ability to turn on my heart and love came to me while laying in bed on Sunday morning thinking about Agape. If I do go to a spiritual social club then I need to bring love to the table. I am making a commitment to never go looking for love anymore, only to go bringing love. Come on people now, smile on your brother, everybody get together try and love one and other right now. This blog is for Sabrina Buchanek of the Agape Singles Ministry. I bring this heart chakra love blog to your banquet.