Healthy Self-Love

Primary Narcissism

The concept of narcissism is evolving. Freud once wrote that all narcissism or excessive self-love was abnormal however he later changed his mind:  

Freud suggested that exclusive self-love might not be as abnormal as previously thought and might even be a common component in the human psyche. He argued that narcissism “is the libidinal complement to the egoism of the instinct of self-preservation,” or, more simply, the desire and energy that drives one’s instinct to survive. He referred to this as primary narcissism.[16]

feminine narcissismHealthy Primary Narcissism Practice:

Excessive self-love is definitely not a desirable character trait, however healthy self-love can lead to higher consciousness. Is there a difference between sexual self-love and spiritual self-love? Not for me in my mystical state. Getting out and being with other lovers takes a lot of time and effort. Being with myself gives me the freedom to travel to other worlds. I get down on my knees and thank God for my current living situation.

Narcissistic Venue 

My rented Villa has a great room with thirty foot ceilings. The high ceilings expand my mind. My kundalini yoga practice can spread out into the world. I feel at home and plugged into the universe on my yoga mat. My nude yoga practice is infused with healthy narcissism. I have spend my life narcissistically making my body healthy. I used to work out just to make my body look good. I had a fake work out. I was not breathing properly all the time. Fortunately my father taught me how to breath when he taught me gymnastics as a teenager. Now I run around my great room doing floor gymnastics exercises.

Emotional Health

Having a huge room to work in is great for mental and emotional health. It also gives me something to write about. The purpose of this article on narcissism is open myself up to God and you. The narcissist in me recognizes and acknowledges the narcissist in you. Is there any difference between a narcissist and an interesting person? Maybe not. I needed a topic to blog on a Saturday morning and I found it with my natural and healthy self-love libido.    

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