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Why Do We Hypnotize Ourselves With Celebrity Skin?

Counterfeit Intellectual Property

How much time do you spend trying to be somebody else’s idea of a person? It must take a lot of work for Andy DiMino to pretend to be Dean Martin. It must take a long time just to get your facial muscles to become Dean Martin’s facial muscles. But even after all of that hard work, you are still just an imitation of the real thing. Why be an impostor when you can be the real thing? What else is the DiMino Crime Family hiding at 10244 Helendale Avenue? 

We tolerate too much fakeness and hypocrisy in our modern lives. Women walk around looking like sexy advertisements, but if you look at them they scowl and bristle. I stealthfully observe women out of the side of my eyeballs. When I am observing women I don’t let the girl know I am looking at her. Mostly because I don’t want to end up on her radar and partly because I don’t want to give her the satisfaction.  Too many women are just looking for any reason to be a part of #me too. For example at the gym this morning, I just stealthfully observe without engaging.  Women all seem so repulsively fake to me now that I am an old man . . .

Dean Martin impersonator Andy DiMino (L) and a Marilyn Monroe impersonator Jennifer Lier appear at the Helping Hands of Vegas Valley gala at the Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health on Thursday, Oct. 22, 2015, in Las Vegas. (Photo by David Becker)

10244 Helendale Avenue

The mission of this website is the avocation of tighter sex trafficker registration laws to prevent the use of multiple addresses to circumvent monitoring on the Megan’s Law website. My Megan’s Law advocacy work actually began fifteen years ago at the Art and Eydie DiMino residence located at 10244 Helendale. Art and Eydie used to run around the McClemont neighborhood complaining about non-existent child sex trafficking. Ever since that day I have been uniquely interested in crimes against children. I even learned that there are no such crimes labeled or prosecuted as child molestation. All such laws are now under the jurisdiction of federal anti-human trafficking laws.

I became so hypersensitive to crimes against children I even discovered that gay entreprenuer John Herriot is a convicted child sex offender who has a questionable youth league baseball uniform business. It’s all on this website.

The point is that we must not get too used to all this phony crap in our lives like celebrity worship. Do you really care about Dean Martin or Marilyn Monroe? Marilyn Monroe was a tragic figure who died a tawdry death at a young age. Why is she the feminine ideal? I say get a new role model. And what about Dean Martin’s smoking and drinking? Do you want your children to see that shit? I say get a new role model. I say clean house at 10244 Helendale Avenue, Tujunga, CA 91042.

andy dimino at 10244 helendale