2021 is going to be the Year of the Law here at Masonic Homes of California.

In a normal year I usually write a nice blissful HAPPY New Year’s Day blog. However, in 2021, nothing will be normal and there will never ever be another normal to return to. Neither will there be a so-called “new normal”. New normal is not a real word. New normal is a fake word. Everything is going to be different and not just because of COVID-19. No normal. No happy. But a lot of law coming up this year for the administration and management from So open up wide and say ahh. Mmm good! LegalNoodle tastes good and it’s good for you!

The door of my apartment is in the background and this old white trash receptacle is visible from my doorway. (Notice the snow capped peaks of the San Gabriel Mountains in the distance)

Notice of Dangerous Conditions

In honor of our dearly departed Bro. R.H. on 12-30-2020 from COVID-19, this is going to be the year of the law here at Masonic Homes Covina. The Brethren are dying because of the unsanitary conditions due to the lack of proper maintenance at MHC. We are going to begin the year of the law by cleaning up this old white Rubbermaid trash container. This health hazard has been visible from my front door ever since I moved into the freemason retirement home in 2019. Let’s just take a peek inside, shall we?


Never let your guard down in a nursing home

I am a Master Mason and a senior citizen and Masonic Homes employees have been invading my personal space during pandemic lockdown during both Easter and Christmas Holidays. We are in a fight for our lives here at the retirement home for aging freemasons. In my opinion our leaders are not cut out for the job of running our nursing home.

2021 year of the law skilled nursing facility construction masonic homes covina
First rays of 2021 sunlight hitting the Skilled Nursing Facility at MHC. This SNF was supposed to have been completed in December 2019!
Construction workers have highest rates of asymptomatic COVID-19

The apartment of Bro. R.H. who died of COVID-19 was located near the skilled nursing facility that has been under construction for four years now. The construction was supposed to have been completed over one year ago. Construction workers have some of the highest rates of coronavirus infections. Everyday I steal a glance at the construction workers talking to each other with no masks. Each month there are fewer and fewer workers walking about. Now it looks like there is only a skeleton crew. Could the construction workers be giving COVID-19 to the Brethren?

skilled nursing facility next senior citizen apartments masonic homes covina
Could vapor droplets from big strong construction workers be infecting the Brethren?