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21 Stages of Mental Menstruation

21 Stage Bullshit Alert

Sikh Guru Singh is laughing all the way to the bank selling his bullshit 21 stages of meditation courses online.  There are no “stages” to meditation, you would be counting instead of meditating.  You don’t count stages, you simply meditate. You immediately go to God. The only stages are artificially created in staged kundalini spiritual theater.  I was doing fine meditating alone in the desert.  I would have stayed there if it wasn’t so hot.

Which of the 21 Stages of Meditation is Sikh Temple Brawling?

Guru Singh is simply selling you a brand new product from the same old burning bush the same way that Moses did with the Jewish religion back in the dark ages. Guru Singh is selling you an endless array of online & brick & mortar products, classes and special events in the form of the Sikh inspired Kundalini yoga religion. It is all just a commercial business to get your money. Guru Singh is actually a hindrance to real spirituality and mediation. The Kundalini yogis are a strictly profit making enterprise who are practicing the confrontational Sikh religion.  Don’t get ripped off by these Hollywood hucksters, meditation and God are free.

transcendental meditation

Transcendental Meditation

When I was nineteen years-old I bought a little book titled: “How to Meditate Without Taking a Transcendental Meditation Class.” I had to drive all the way from Tujunga, California, to the Dutton’s Bookstore in Westwood.  I started meeting people who were into meditation. I told a guy about my new book and he said, “Why don’t you learn how to meditate without buying a book on mediation?”

Now you can Google the topic. Now you can read about meditation and Christ Consciousness on this website. Guru Singh must have made millions of dollars teaching meditation classes while other people like David Lynch and Paul McCartney talk about meditation on YouTube for free.

Age of Aquarius

I paid Guru Singh to learn about kundalini yoga and he failed me. I want to learn about kryias with eyeball movements that correspond to spinal twists. I want to experience Shiva-Shakti union in a kryia. Instead Guru Singh pontificated about the end of the information age and the coming Age of Aquarius. According to Guru Singh the end of the Piscean Age means the end of the information age. So why is Guru Singh still selling bullshit information? Guru Singh is a snake oil selling con man. I demand real kundalini yoga from these charlatans.     


I suddenly feel that it is my calling to expose the fraud of the Kundalinis and Sikhs. There is a confrontational and combative nature among these fraudsters. The Kundalinis and the Sikhs to not seem to be a very loving, friendly or tolerant people.  

penis envy in action