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Yogi Bhajan changed Down Dog to Triangle and modified Om into nine-syllables.  Yogi Bhajan stole kundalini yoga and mashed it up with Sikhism and Astrology to turn it into Bhajanism.  To be a real Bhajanist you have to always carry a kripan knife.  What a hostile depressing let-down kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan turned out to be.  The whole thing is a big scam for Yoga West to invent endless yoga products like 21 stage meditation. 

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After meditating in a villa in Palm Springs for two years I decided that the only thing I wanted to do was take Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga West in Los Angeles.  I didn’t want to go travelling to the capital cities of Europa, but I didn’t want 21 Stage Meditation bullshit either.  I wanted to go travelling up and down my chakras like a Kundalini yoga animated gif.  I wanted to go travelling into the interiors of my soul.

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Using $24,000 of my inheritance I bought a 2016 Chrysler Town & Country from Enterprise Car Rental and converted it into a mini-camper.  I didn’t want to burn through all of my money by paying exorbitant LA rent.  I already had a good life with God so why did I come back to my home town of Los Angeles to learn 21 Stage Meditation woo woo bullshit from Guru Singh?   

21 Stages of Spiritual Ego


Because Kundalini Kreation is Kool | KKK

I chose Yoga West by default and mistake because I didn’t realize how goofy and pathetic Guru Singh is.  I mistook Yoga West for Golden Bridge.  I was familiar with GB as the reigning Kundalini yoga studio in LA. Golden Bridge Yoga went out of business while I was down in the desert.  I should have chosen to take KYTT at Ra Ma Institute in Venice because I don’t care about Woo Woo Guru Singh’s lineage or his cadre of beautiful young followers up on stage with him.  Guru Singh is a laughable old man who should do Kundalini Yoga a favor and retire.  Guru Woo Woo Singh’s 21 Stages of Meditation is pure snake oil.

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One morning in-between classes doddering old fool Guru Singh woke me from my shavasana and told me to leave the studio because it was now time for pregnancy yoga.  Pregnancy yoga was in the next room, the old man was mistaken.  I have an avatar as a witness. 

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Avatar Witness

Dev Avtar was sitting right there and she even called the decrepit old geezer out on his mistake.  Guru Singh did have the front desk girl come back and correct his mistake for him.  But he never said anything to me about the way I was rejected at Yoga West due to his influence.  The whole vibe at Yoga West is anti-male.  So how does Guru Singh get a “male” waiver?  Yoga West is more of a political movement than a meditation resource.  Guru Singh preaches a virulent brand of anti-patriarchy.  There is no separation of church and state at Yoga West and there is no 21 Stage Meditation anywhere.  My latest MRI indicates that there is no snake coiled around my spine and so I want my money back! 

21 Stage Meditation is a Sham

Guru Singh turned out to be a total fraudster.  There are not 21 Stages of meditation and anyone who tells you that there are is just trying to hustle your consciousness. It doesn’t cost thousands of dollars in Kundalini cash to learn how to meditate.  Why did I come to LA to take Kundalini yoga? Because don Miguel Filipowich put the crazy idea into my head.  Blame it all on Michael Filipowich.  I would do it all again in a heartbeat.  I am lucky to even have a heart beat.  The purpose of this blog is to warn other hapless wanna-be yogi’s that Guru Singh’s 21 Stages of Meditation is a snake oil scam.

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