Ever Get The Feeling You’ve Been Cheated?

Everything Happens On YouTube {{{NOW}}}

Brick and mortar kundalini classes are irrelevant because kundalini yoga teachers never come down off of their elevated teaching platform in order to correct students yoga postures anyway.  Guru goofball Singh just wants to make up clever misinformation like “21 Stages of Meditation”.  What a ridiculous rip-off.  Don’t be a sucker, save your money and watch white garbed kundalini spiritual theater for free on YouTube.  Guru Singh is too old to do yoga.  Who is more appealing to the eyeballs, someone who has never trimmed their beard their entire life or a woman with no make-up?  No make-up is natural and refreshing, no beard trimming is unsanitary and creepy.  

Emotional Rape

Kundalini teachers spend too much time pontificating woo woo Aquarian Age politics and social dogma and not enough time on real teaching of meditation, breath and movement.  Guru Singh and Yoga West LA make me feel like I have been beaten, raped and robbed while quietly sitting on my yoga mat in Beverly Hills, California.  21 stages meditation are 21 stages of Sikh ritual subliminal violence. 

creating kundalini culture

Teaching Violent Sikh Practices Should Be a Thing of the Past 

If we are erasing our violent racist American Confederacy from the history books why don’t we just get rid of teaching Sikh violence to children also?  Indira Ghandi was assassinated by her Sikh bodyguards.  Sikhs are a violent culture.  After Guru Singh’s anti-patriarchal political rants I fees like a political prisoner. 

Guru Singh is a tired old man who needs to step aside and let a younger woo woo guru give some teaching value to the Los Angeles kundalini yoga consumer.  Guru Singh’s 21 Stages Meditation and cold water Yoga West are a total rip-off so buyer beware.  Thanks to Guru Singh I will never spend money on another yoga class again because everything I need is on YouTube now. 

creating kundalini politics

21 Stages of Meditation

There are no 21 Stages of Meditation.  That would be arithmetic and you can’t meditate while you are doing math.  There is only meditation upon the omnipresent God.  Be still, get quiet and meditate upon the perfection of God’s universe.  The slightest commentary whatsoever is a criticism of God’s perfection.  21 Stages Meditation is just something that Guru Singh made up to sell you.  If you want to dress up in white clothes and play woo woo that is fine, but just call it what it is, 21 stages of spiritual psychodrama at Yoga West.  Meditation is done alone and you can even be naked on your yoga mat if you want.

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The Struggle Goes On

One day in his class Guru Singh said he was in the Tube Station in London studying graffiti and he saw the slogan “The Struggle Goes On”, misspelled as “The Strudel Goes On.”  I sat on my yoga mat feeling robbed.  How does Guru Singh know that it was a misspelling of that particular word?  What does it matter when we are sitting in an expensive Kundalini Yoga class in Beverly Hills trying to learn kundalini yoga?  Guru Singh makes me feel raped and robbed with his irrelevancies.  Sitting in Guru Singh’s class feels like going nowhere fast and expensively.   

21 stages meditation

21 Stages Meditation

There are no 21 Stages Meditation, there is only this article search engine optimized for those terms.  The purpose of this article is to get 21 Stages of Meditation on page one of the Google organic search rankings.  Stop words like “of” are not good for URL’s and so instead of naming this page 21 Stages of Meditation it has to be 21 Stages Meditation.  This is purely technical information used to get your web pages on page one of Google.  If you want to learn to meditation you can do it for free better and faster without Guru Woo Woo Singh.  Take a free kundalini yoga meditation lesson on YouTube. 

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.