21 stages separation God guru singh

21 Stages of Spiritual Ego

21 Stages of Separation from God

Meditation is relaxing from the stages of complexity in daily life, not adding more bullshit.  Meditation is not adding more of man’s meat-eating murderous mind into the matter.  Guru Singh’s 21 Stages of Separation is a very expensive Kundalini political marathon.  This isn’t meditation it is litigation.  These snake charming Kundalini’s pack Yoga West wall to wall and keep the suckers in there for long hours of Kundalini repetition.  The Kundalini teachers can’t do the grueling Kundalini yoga repetitions.  I can sit in full lotus and perform complex instructions from the Kundalini teacher sitting up on the dais.  You don’t need to pay thousands of dollars to Guru Singh for 21 Stages of Meditation because there is only one stage to meditation.  This will be 21 Stages of Spiritual Theater in Beverly Hills, California.  So wear your flowing kundalini clothing and turbans.

kaur bowing
Stage 3 – The Sword

There is Only One Stage to Universal Consciousness

There are not 21 Stages of Meditation.  There is only one stage of meditation. Meditation is to get quiet and listen to the small still voice within.  Meditation is experiences as individual intuition and not really a community event.  Chanting can be exhilarating to drop into if you are in Thailand, but Yoga West is an extremely hostile environment for men.  If you are a man who insists on attending anything at Yoga West, don’t talk to the women, they are dangerous. 

kaur girls
Stage 5 – The Army

Group meditation at Agape is much friendlier and can be productive once in a while but it is not really my thing.  I have never been to Guru Singh’s 21 Stages of Meditation and I would never pay the exorbitant prices he is charging.  The most productive meditation I have ever experienced with other people was at various Infinite Way Tape Study groups.  In my most sublime states of consciousness I have only experienced one stage of meditation, oneness with the Universe.  

Meditation is a Solitary Pursuit

Meditation happens in the golden silence of blissful solitude.  Guru Singh and Yoga West have a real money maker going by manufacturing and marketing 21 Stages of Mental Masturbation.  In order to be a success at these expensive Kundalini Yoga parties you must wear the right clothes.  If you are a male you must be neutered and wear your Stage 12 White Hat. The Stage 12 White Kundalini Meditation Hat gives you special rights and privileges over all other classes of people. 

white hat
Stage 12 – The White Kundalini Uniform With Official Yogi Bhajan Approved White Tantra Blindfold

Spiritual Ego STAGE 12: The White Hat and Matching Meditation Blindfold Means You Automatically Win And Everybody Else Loses

Spiritual Ego Stage 12 is wearing a white kundalini uniform and a purified white tantra blindfold.  Wearing white means you have self-designated yourself as holier-than-thou and everybody else has to bow down and kiss your Stage 12 White Hat and your ass.  If you really do want to pursue your spiritual ego then get the whitest hat at the meditation party.  White hat’s, turbans and white religious garments are essential to your success in the world of Kundalini, Inc.  The right clothes are essential to getting anywhere in life.  If you are a lawyer you need a dark tailored suit and if you are a kundalini meditation marketer you need a white or cream colored turban to seal the deal. 


creating kundalini violence
Stage 13:  Welcome to Yoga West in the friendly city of Beverly Hills, California
Stage 14:  Your Astral Call Center is Vibrating!

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