The Jeff Cowan Problem

2617 Titan Lane, Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

This is the true story of how Jeffrey Cowan‘s mental illness and bad karma got him evicted from his beautiful home in California, and then arrested in his dump at 2617 Titan Lane in Lake Havasu City, Arizona 86403. Have you seen hysterical homosexual Jeffrey Cowan, CPA, disturbing the peace in your neighborhood?

jeff cowan cpa 2617 titan lane lake havasu city az 86403
goldhammer's revenge
Claire and Harry Goldhammer and the backyard the villa Jeff inherited from his parents at 200 East Racquet Club Road, Unit #20, Palm Springs, California

When Jeff Cowan’s parents Claire and Harry Goldhammer passed away Jeffrey inherited their beautiful villa in the desert. In 2017 I was renting a room from Mr. Cowan in that spacious three bedroom condominium. It was the nicest unit in the entire complex called Camino del Sol. The view of the mountains from the living room was just spectacular. This upscale community is located at the intersection of Racquet Club Drive and Indian Canyon Drive in scenic Palm Springs, California.

child sex trafficking by john herriot
John K Herriot is a convicted gay child sex trafficker from Northern California

In 2016 I discovered that Jeff’s accounting client and close personal friend John Herriot was a registered child sex offender. Mr. Herriot served eight years in state prison for gay child sex trafficking. Herriot was an elementary school teacher and Cub Scout leader who had been having sex with a nine year old boy and eleven year old boy. Herriot paid for these two boys to travel from Mexico to California. John Herriot calls his gay child sex trafficking operation the Mexican Boy Lover Club. One of the members of this pedophile group named Paul Charles Wilkens was arrested at Camino del Sol in 2016.

john k herroit
When Herriot made up lies about there being a restraining order against me, I made up my own restraining orders about Herriot and posted them all over the web

John Herriot’s fake “restraining order”

After I began blogging out his Mexican Boy Lover Club, Mr. Herriot retaliated against me. Herriot created a lie out of whole cloth that there was some type of a universal restraining order that restrained my global liberty and prevented me from living my life at Camino del Sol. Herriot spread this lie to his Certified Public Accountant, who was none other than Jeffrey Robert Cowan. Cowan started acting like an deranged idiot towards me. Cowan was so petty he would put dirty kitchen utensils in with the clean ones. When I refused to put up with Mr. Cowan’s bad behavior as my landlord, Cowan accelerated Herriot’s “restraining order” deception. Cowan began lying to the Camino del Sol community that there was a restraining order filed against me that somehow prevented my right to exist. There was never any such restraining order or any type of order or action against me.

Cowan’s fake restraining order against me gets him kicked out of his villa

So in the spring of 2017 landlord Cowan erroneously assumed that he was entitled to do what ever he wanted in order to restrain my personal liberty and deny me my constitutional rights. Cowan stole my car, computer, flat screen TV and other valuable possessions from the room I was renting from him. Since his friend, international gay child sex trafficker Paul Wilkens had been arrested at Camino del Sol the cops came down really hard on the community over Jeff’s illegal activity when I reported it. The Palm Springs Police Department questioned everyone at his condominium complex several times regarding the crime spree of Jeff Cowan and his association with registered child sex offender Herriot. I successfully locked Cowan out of his own condo for over six months and the cops never lifted a finger to help him!

The Camino del sol Homeowner’s Association decided that they had had enough illegal activity from Mr. Cowan. Jeff Cowan was even harassing little old ladies at the complex. Everyone at Camino del Sol was sick and tired of Cowan disturbing the peace and causing the Palm Springs Police Department to show up every other week at the premises. So the HOA filed a legal action to force Cowan to sell his villa. By that time I was long gone and back my usual and customary mode of living at the beach in Los Angeles.

29613 Calle Tampico, Cathedral City, CA 92234
29613 Calle Tampico, Cathedral City, CA 92234
Jeff briefly relocates to 29613 Calle Tampico in Cathedral City, California

With the windfall profit from the sale of his villa Jeff purchased a fairly decent home on Calle Tampico in Cathedral City, California. Once there, he immediately began his consistent and ongoing pattern of obnoxious and illegal activity.

To know Jeff Cowan is to hate Jeff Cowan. The neighbors in Cathedral City soon tired of Jeff’s bad conduct. The neighbors forced Cowan to sell his Cathedral City home just like his neighbors forced him to sell his Palm Springs villa.

After Jeff Cowan was run out of Cathedral City for his bad behavior he moved to an even cheaper home located at 2617 Titan Lane, Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

jeffrey cowan 2617 titan lane lake havasu city az
KARMA CALL: After spreading lies about a fake restraining order in California, Jeff goes to jail for violating a real restraining order in Arizona

At 2617 Titan Lane, Cowan caused a domestic violence restraining order to be filed against him. A short while later, Jeff was arrested for violating that order. Jeff posted bail and was released on bond after signing the standard legal agreement to appear for the hearing on the violation of the order. In Jeffrey Cowan’s typical sense of entitlement and being out of touch with reality, he failed to appear for the court hearing on the matter! On May 23, 2021, Jeffrey Cowan was arrested at his own home at 2617 Titan Lane by Anthony Adornetto Bail Bonds for jumping bail.

2617 titan lane lake havasu city arizona
2617 Titan Lane and Jeff Cowan, the ogre in residence
Jeff languished in jail during the pandemic

Jeff Cowan was arrested at Titan Lane and extradited back to California to face charges. The good news is that Jeff spent much of the summer of 2021 in a jail cell in the Robert Presley Detention Center in Riverside. Defendant Cowan went into jail a tight end and he came out a wide receiver.

Jeff Cowan spent much of the summer of 2021 here at the Robert Presley Detention Center in Riverside, California

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.