29 US Code § 796a. (3) authorizes consumer request for a copy of any alleged water pipe damage

I was on my way to the nurses station to request a Title 29 US Code § 796a. (3) complaint form, when Jennifer called me into her office. To my utter amazement Bonnie actually sat there and lied to me as if I were a homeless person on the street. I have been raised to the sublime Degree of Master Mason in a duly tiled Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons and as such I demand to be treated better than this.

29 us code

Furthermore, as a consumer in a Title 29 US Code consumer controlled continuing care retirement community I am authorized to request reports relevant to the maintenance and operation of the Masonic Home at Covina.

As a resident of the MHC I have a right to a copy of any alleged water pipe damage related to my Beechwood apartment on July 12, 2019. This is a simple stand alone Title 29 US Code request by a resident of a consumer controlled continuing care retirement community. If the contractor damaged a pipe and it took six days to repair then I want to know about it. I also want to know why there was no notification plan in similar to the notices being published daily about the new roof being installed for the past few weeks.

Broken Water Pipe Updates

A broken water pipe that goes unpaired for this length of time is a safety issue that need to be addressed. Was anyone injured? Was OSHA notified? What mandatory and/or non-mandatory reporting procedures document this alleged industrial accident. How much is this going to cost the charitable foundation? These are charitable dollars and they must be properly accounted for.

7-11-2019 water shut off

29 US Code Industrial Accident Reporting

At this time it is my understanding that industrial accidents of this severity require some type of mandatory reporting procedures. By this time tomorrow I should have more information on this topic. I have only been aware of 29 US Code § 796a. (3) for a few hours. The next time I talk to Jennifer or Bonnie I will need my iPad so I can have these blogs ready. Bonnie’s attempts to deny my request for a damage report were inappropriate. I demand a copy of that report.

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