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UPDATE:  29613 Calle Tampico Restraining Order 

A 29613 Calle Tampico Restraining Order has been issued in connection with this investigation.  Palm Springs Councilman JR Roberts only popped onto my radar while he was promoting Postmodernism Week 2017 with outdoor events in the Chino Cone Nature Preserve.  There is a marked public access trailhead at the base of the Cone, near Mr. Roberts short-term vacation rental, special event venue, museum, postmodern architectural wonder and primary residence located at 1030 W Cielo Drive, Palm Springs, CA. This is all public information contained in Councilman Roberts Fair Election Practices Form 700 on the City of PS website. 

The trailhead in Mr. Roberts neighborhood states that the Chino Canyon Multi-Use Trail is closed due to development, however that is not true. Recently there was a $250/per ticket chamber music concert as part of Mr. Roberts Postmodernism Week 2017 and there have also been other events. If you want access to the Chino Cone trails you must enter on Racquet Club Drive, and only after 3:30 p.m. after the construction crews leave for the day. 

JR Roberts is a Fraud

I knew Robert’s name as an architect as indicated on his official City of PS bio. So I start reading all of his Postmodernism Week bullshit and I’m thinking, “How the hell can this stooge be an architect?” Then I do a little bit of very basic investigating to discover that JR Roberts is not, and has never been an architect, licensed or otherwise. This guy never went to UCLA, cannot tell me where he went to High School and refuses to provide a copy of his birth certificate.

As part of his Postmodernism program, Robert’s listed his house for $4.2 million and conducted $35.00 tours of his “architectural” home at 1030 W Cielo Drive. What a load of Hollywoodland hyperbole. There’s a sucker born every minute ready to buy into this so-called “postmodernism” bullshit.

JR Roberts fake architect credentials were only exposed by his own Postmodernism Week 2017 and other public promotions of his beloved Edris House at 1030 W Cielo Drive! 29613 Calle Tampico Restraining Order

Dear Mr. Roberts:

You asked me not to email you anymore and I have acquiesced to your demands. I will no longer contact you at your official City of Palm Springs email address. Is publishing these articles on the Internet about gay politicians pimping real estate in Palm Springs okay with you? I realize that as a gay Palm Springs politician you may operate under a different set of laws than I am usually accustomed to.  

29613 Calle Tampico Restraining Order

Your cover version of “Frankie Goes to West Hollywood” doesn’t cut it out here in the desert anymore so please stop singing that lame old song and dance.  Marketing Frankie and Elvis in PS is dead.  Reading your interviews about preserving Palm Springs so-called “Hollywood History” sounds like pimping a dead Indian’s horse. Sir, consider yourself at war.

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