4th of July

Beginning of Summer

antonovich trail 4th of July
Michael Antonovich Trail | Covina, California

4th of July, 2019

This 4th of July I am re-discovering the iPhone camera and digital photography in general. When I was in high school my sister, my friends and I all took optical photography class together. I became professional with a 35mm camera and darkroom enlarger. I was already fairly experienced with the iPhone camera and have only recently learned Paint Shop for my photos. Now the iPhone 8 camera is my tool and everything is coming together with WordPress here on this blog.

michael antonovich trail

Carlos the Fake Cop

Carlos Hashimoto dropped by before dinner last night and so this blog is being finished up on the 5th of July. Carlos dropped my jaw and froze my balls while sitting on my sofa and claiming that he works for the Department of Homeland Security. He stopped by to brief me on the latest hyperbolic scuttlebutt and vicious rumors. We talked until we were late for dinner because I kept telling him that I was not buying any of his bullshit. I was trying to develop a new direction for this blog but crime reporting is my business and business is good. At dinner I took the photograph of the Sojourners Flag Ceremony and Bro. J.H. in his Masonic Apron.

5th of July

This morning I took another walk along the Michael Antonoich Trail. Once again I chose the fork less taken. If Carlos Hashimoto would walk down here with me maybe he would snap out of his suicidal depression. While I am eating my healthy meal Carlos is ordering his dinner with: “No carrots and a root beer float.”

4th of July

No Carrots and a Root Beer Float

Carlos crossed the line last night with his “I work for Homeland Security” bullshit. The purpose of this blog is to remind myself to keep Mr. Hashimoto at arms length. Misery loves company and so I will leave Hashimoto to himself. The good thing about Carlos Hashimoto is he provides material for me to write about. The photographs I took this morning will go nicely with his 4th of July insanity. Homeland Security . . . what a joke Carlos Hashimoto is!

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