Investigation at 7309 Franklin Unit 105, Hollywood Heights, CA

Sometimes being a detective requires more than just online sleuthing. Keeping up with gay child sex offenders is so much work that there is a major need for boots on the ground. One of the purposes of this crime website is to encourage independent contractors to take matters into their own hands. It’s not a very pretty job, but someone’s got to do it. Yesterday, my full time job of keeping up with the crimes of John Herriot required a little gum shoe work at 7309 Franklin Unit 105.

For the past five years that I have been investigating John Herriot, I have uncovered so much criminal information that I never even bothered to verify his true address. I just erroneously assumed that his WeHo address on his Megan’s Law profile was correct. When I finally took the extra fifteen seconds to verify Herriot’s address online, I discovered that Herriot no longer lives in West Hollywood.

When Mr. Herriot lived on North Kings Road in WeHo he was under the jurisdiction of the West Hollywood Sherriff’s Department. Since 2010, Herriot has resided at The Continental, 7309 Franklin Unit 105, Hollywood 90046.

This means that for the past twelve years Herriot has been under the jurisdiction of the Los Angeles Police Department. Now it is time to inform the Hollywood Division of the L.A.P.D. that Community of Men Enjoying Naturism leader and youth league baseball uniform salesman John Herriot is in violation of California Penal Code section 290 for failure to notify local law enforcement of his change of address in 2010.

Herriot’s name is not on the directory

Here are some photos from my investigation and discovery that I did at Herriot’s condominium in Hollywood Heights at the base of the Hollywood Hills. Apparently Herriot paid around $400,000 for #105 in 2010, and now it is worth approximately $900,000. It was a bright blue Sunday morning and the streets were fairly crowded by 9:00am with dogs, lots of people exercising, and a few cars. I came early enough so that free parking was abundant. Unfortunately, the one thing that I did not find was John Herriot’s name listed on the building intercom directory.

7309 franklin ave building intercom directory 1-2-2022

Michael and Michelle Calvert

UPDATE: Here is a list of condo owners at 7309 from For some diabolical reason John Herriot’s name is not listed on the directory. This is typical Herriot deception. John is a master at subterfuge. There is nothing straightforward about John Herriot. There is a M Calvert listed on the directory. Could this be a name related to CMEN co-founding member and head drag queen Jeffrey Robert Calvert, Esq? This could be more evidence proving my conspiracy theory between the members of the Community of Men Enjoying Naturism. This directory appears rather old. My own building uses a mobile app instead of the old intercom system. I wasn’t prepared with a cover story so I didn’t press any buttons. This is all very big news to my investigation. Now I have a new thread to investigate. What is John up to that he does not want the L.A.P.D. to know where he lives?

7309 franklin unit 105 interior
John wants other people to obey the law

I am helping John to update his address for his own good. John wanted to help enforce a secret, unwritten non-existent restraining order against me. Mr. Herriot wants to live in his perfect world where other people obey the law as he defines it. By helping Herriot comply with Penal Code 290, I am helping John to practice what he preaches. This is where I teach John Karl Herriot what compliance with the law really means.

Cleaning up CMEN makes the world a better place

Legal oversight of John Herriot and his Conspiracy of Men Enjoying Naturism is how I make the world a better place. Homeowners at Camino del Sol, 200 Racquet Club Road in Palm Springs know that I have my way of making the neighborhood a safer place. Thanks to my work, registered sex offender Jeff Cowan no longer resides in Unit 200 at Camino del Sol. Thanks to me Cowan doesn’t even live in California anymore. I ran Cowan’s fat ass all the way out to Arizona, thereby making Southern California a much nicer place to live. Taking down CMEN is my sacred community service. Just ask P.S. Realtor Pat Cook, Camino del Sol HOA President Brian Woodhouse, or dear elderly CDS resident Lila.

By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.