legalnoodle at downtown lapd headquarters november 2021


Seasonal Salutations from Dean McAdams’ Blog – Welcome to eccentric senior citizen living in West Los Angeles, California. Thank you to the brave souls who are gradually opening up the city to live and in-person meetings. Be safe and sane in the big city. My solution to L.A. crime is to always be home by dark.

To all of the human sex trafficking detectives working hard to expose criminals, thank you for your hard work in sharing the information published here. Law breakers of all types are waiting for you to investigate and discover wrongdoing in your neighborhood. The key is to pay attention to details and connect the dots.

birthday dog of love

Partnerships with legitimate link builders, content sharers and other SEO entrepreneurs are crucial to the organic rankings that you are witnessing here. Thanks to link sharing many of my key words are now getting me two listings on page one of Google. Send me a real article on emotional health or breathing and I will link it to relevant blogs that I have posted here. If you are a scam artist, that’s okay too. You just give me something to rant and rave about. If it wasn’t for fake friends, I would probably have no friends.

This week I will be reading The Least of Us by Sam Quinones and healing the planet. I am meditating oneness with the Universe and visualizing snow in the Eastern Sierra. This is where my consciousness manifests itself. Blogging is how I make sense of my world.

legalnoodle at downtown lapd headquarters november 2021

The Beginning

LegalNoodle began in 2008 as a device to promote my paralegal services in Los Angeles, California. Since then it has evolved into my personal blog. One reason that this blog exists it to protect the public from the Community of Men Enjoying Naturism (CMEN). This blog was instrumental in getting John Herriot registered at his secondary address in Hampshire, TN. Now I am even selling simple WordPress blogs to pay for my blogging and computer habit. The purpose here is to entertain myself while I am being of service. These are my private opinions on matters of personal and public jurisdiction. If other people want to read these posts, they are welcome to them. However, it does not matter how many people read these articles. This is how I get my kicks on Route 66.