God Is Incorporeal

God is unknowable by the human mind and therefore no man can reveal God to another man. No mere human being can reveal infinite spiritual being to a fellow meat puppet. Mystics throughout the ages have taught that the best thing we can say about the creator is simply that “God Is.” Spiritual things can only be spiritually discerned. There is no God on the human scene. How can there be a Santa Claus Sky God if we have child murders, rape and mass shootings? God is incorporeal, God has no material existence and can only be known by individual God Consciousness. Although the Biblical allegory of Christ Consciousness and the Jesus fairy tale can be powerful tools to access personal experience of God, the only God that you are ever going to find is located within you and without you. The non-dualistic Zen Buddhist tradition of attaining oneness with the universe is also a powerful belief system that can be practiced in order to harness the energy of the universal or God mind. One of the high points of my life was pursuing a goal to experience Buddhist countries. During the noisy celebration of Thai New Year 2007, while meditating inside a Buddhist Temple located in downtown Bangkok, I experienced the personal illumination that, “Everything just is, and it is perfect.

Good and evil do not exist. Is a volcanic lava flow evil or good? No, the volcano just “IS”. The volcano exists as a perfect volcano.

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Creating web content that attracts visitors

One of the reasons that this website exists it to explain child sex trafficking by youth baseball uniform salesmen John Herriot, Rich Boehle and their affiliates. Mr. Herriot is a registered pedophile residing in West Hollywood and he also owns homes in Palm Springs, California and Whispering Oaks, Tennessee. Don’t just take my word for it, search for John Herriot on the Megan’s Law website and Google his criminal record on the Los Angeles Times.

Here is a basic online detective tool for investigation of John Herriot or anyone else whom you need information on. Just type your person of interest into any of the free reverse whois lookup sites on the web. A few years ago the name John Herriot brought up approximately ten domains owned by Mr. Herriot. After this investigation he began paying twenty dollars per year to have each domain name privately registered, just as this LegalNoodle website does. However by examining the list below you will be able to ascertain that Herriot still has one very interesting domain that is still active and that is number 4, the last domain on this list.

Mr. Herriot is still using youthbaseballuniforms.us as bait for his child sex trafficking business. Although Herriot has now put ownership in other peoples names and privately registered his domain accounts by proxy, at one point Herriot owned other little league baseball uniform domains along with CMEN.org and other gay nudist and gay square dancing website domains. John Herriot has been spreading false allegations that there is a restraining order against this website and that is why this website publishes this private citizen issued restraining order against Mr. Herriot.

What’s the difference between Joe Bftlspk, Pig Pen and Bad Luck Schleprock?
Joe Btfsplk from Lil’ Abner, Pig Pen from Charlie Brown, and Bad Luck Schleprock from the Flintstones

Monster Insights powers this website’s Google analytics which indicate that articles about gay child sex trafficking by John Herriot and this Joe Btfsplk and Pig Pen post have been the most visited articles on this WordPress blog since January 2016. Joe Btfsplk is the Al Capp character with the rain cloud over his head and Pig Pen is the Charles Schultz character who has swirling dust that always stays following him at his feet, never rising above his neck.

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How do John Herriot and other gay child sex traffickers identify each other?