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Worth staying up late for – ABANDONED: Sea of Terror (2015)

GREAT SATURDAY NITE MOVIE – Abandoned: Sea of Terror.

After yesterday’s scathing review of Horror in the High Desert the universe gifted me with a great movie from another one of my favorite genres: True stories of men at sea. Abandoned: Sea of Terror was worth staying up late for on a Saturday night. This riveting motion picture entertains without using cheap sex and violence as a substitute for good story telling.

Four men survived for 119 days in a capsized tri-hull sailboat. At first they are at each others throats but they eventually come together to work as a team in order to survive their ordeal. After the initial search, they were abandoned by their families, friends and government agencies.

All four men were declared legally dead at sea by the authorities. When their boat finally drifted ashore at the Great Barrier Island, people did not believe that they were actually drifting at sea for that astounding length of time. But after a government investigation it is concluding that this amazing story actually happened.

The Wreck of the Rose-Noelle

Abandoned is a true story based upon the wreck of a trimaran named the Rose-Noelle.

FROM WIKIPEDIA: “After being hit by a rogue wave during a storm, the Rose-Noelle capsized, trapping the crew inside. After cutting an escape hatch, they set the Emergency position-indicating radiobeacon (EPIRB), convinced that they would be rescued a few days later. The water tanks, which contained 140 liters of fresh water, slowly emptied themselves unbeknown to the crew. The EPIRB, which had a radius of one hundred nautical miles, stopped working on June 13 after 8 days.[1][4] They made a rain water collecting device by splitting lengths of plastic pipe. After about 2–3 months, barnacles and mollusks began to grow on the hulls, making fishing easier.[5]

MISSING 411 is also worth watching

In the vast sea of documentaries being churned out for streaming, this is becoming a favorite genre of mine: true stories about people who go missing in the wilderness. Missing 411 is an engrossing low budget documentary on Hulu that contains detailed interviews with uniformed law enforcement officers about the disappearances and deaths discussed in the movie.

By Dean McAdams

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