Herriot’s Meaningless Judgment is an Abuse of Process

Herriot’s Unenforceable Judgment Is An Abuse of Process Because Nothing Happened

John Herriot’s unenforceable judgment is an abuse of the legal process because it did not achieve anything. Herriot’s complaint did not state a cause of action for which any relief could be granted. The judgment did not achieve anything because Herriot did not intend for it to achieve anything other than to intimidate defendant in an effort to stop this blog. This blog has not been restrained. Herriot’s judgment achieved nothing and so by legal definition it is either an abuse of the legal process or malicious prosecution.

WIKIPEDIA ON ABUSE OF PROCESS: The elements of a valid cause of action for abuse of process in most common law jurisdictions are as follows: (1) the existence of an ulterior purpose or motive underlying the use of process, and (2) some act in the use of the legal process not proper in the regular prosecution of the proceedings.[1] Abuse of process can be distinguished from malicious prosecution, in that abuse of process typically does not require proof of malice, lack of probable cause in procuring issuance of the process, or a termination favorable to the plaintiff, all of which are essential to a claim of malicious prosecution.[2] “Process,” as used in this context, includes not only the “service of process,” i.e. an official summons or other notice issued from a court, but means any method used to acquire jurisdiction over a person or specific property that is issued under the official seal of a court.[3] 

Herriot’s Criminal Ulterior Motive

John’s did not seek legal justice because he had the ulterior motive of preserving his gay child sex trafficking related businesses organizations. John tried to use the legal system to prevent private citizen investigation of his criminal enterprises. Herriot uses his youth league baseball uniform business to recruit new member into the Mexican Boylover Club of Palm Springs, California. He uses California Men Enjoying Naturism as a cover for it all. CMEN allows Herriot to operate in Riverside, Los Angeles, and now San Bernardino Counties.

Abuse of the Desert

The fact that this unenforceable default judgment was issued in the amount of $0 represents the current value of Palm Springs. The desert has gone steadily downhill thanks to the efforts of deceptive operators such as John Herriot, Jeff Cowan and legal messenger Steve Delacruz.

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