What is the Best Gay Experience to Liberate the Voyeur?

Are you a curious man blocked in developing your sexual experience and looking for a way out?  The best place to facilitate learning and obtain an enhanced and accelerated educational gay experience no matter where you live is a $5.00/per month paid account on  My personal development would not be as advanced without this website.  No matter if you live in mid-town Manhattan or your own private Idaho you owe it to yourself to check out Silverdaddies because there is nothing else out there that is this good for five bucks


   The “VISITORS TO MY PROFILE” Feature   

Whenever I move into a new neighborhood, or if I am lonely, I purchase the minimum membership which is three months for $15.00.  I can burn out as much information as I need and gain a wealth of local contacts and gay experience in a month or so.  Now that I am retired I don’t keep my paid account active if I have enough fresh contacts.  The paid account has a “visitors to my profile” function which allows you to see who has been looking at your profile.  You can then designate that person as one of your “favorite profiles” and keep track of him with “favorite profiles online.”  

Understanding the “visitors to my profile” mindset of the other user by using this feature has been extremely beneficial in enhancing my sexual, social, and emotional success in life for the past twelve years. 

sexological bodyworker paul allen mdUNDERSTANDING BEGINNER MIND SET | The Prison of Voyeuristic Gay Experience

Many inexperienced bisexual and curious men who are online are voyeurs and not eager to make contact.  The “visitors to my profile” function was designed to cut through those voyeuristic tendencies.  Because of my extreme narcissism, my Silverdaddies profile and photo are very interesting so lots of guys look at it.  Many men will click on my profile and read it but not click all the way through and contact me.  My paid account allows me to know who these curious fellows are.  When I then initiate direct contact back at them things can start to happen.  It is as if I am an exhibitionist inside the mindset of the voyeur. 

learning gay experience   The “Favorite Profiles Online Now” Feature   

There are many unique functions that SD maximizes to facilitate real life hook-ups.  If you want to greatly accelerate and enhance your male-to-male sexual experience then get a paid account on Silverdaddies because you can also start using the “favorite profiles online now” function to create a new gay experience this summer.  My emotional, social and sexual development would have been stunted with out SD.

Finding That Critical Male-to-Male Sex Tutor

Eight years ago I met my live-in sexologist Dr. Paul Allen, OB/GYN this way.  I noticed that the 6′-4″ Dr. Allen was a visitor to my profile so I sent him an enticing message.  A few days later the good doctor called me up and told me he would like massage my perineum and give me instructions in how to receive anal sex.  The scatological gynecologist Dr. Allen  took me to Ann Bradney’s Core Energetics studio in Santa Monica for my first sexology lesson and it all happened thanks to  I went looking for a gay sugar daddy in Los Angeles and ended up with an ivy league physician from Providence, Rhode Island!  My emotional/sexual life would have been stunted if not for meeting Paul in 2010.  He taught me things like eye-gazing & tantric breathing and it could only have happened because we lived in a tiny living space together for two years.  

gay experience west covina
Monday afternoon a bisexual guy from came over and told me to get on my back and then he kissed me and stroked my cock while he fucked me.  Bisexual guys never kiss me . . .

Getting Pumped by Extremely Masculine Men 

I like getting made love to with the same kind of action that a woman would receive from a man.  That means getting fucked long, deep and hard up my well developed anal canal.  Straight and bisexual men fuck really good but they don’t kiss me. I like to be kissed while I am being fucked.  I can tell if a man is bisexual, straight, or totally gay by the way he strokes me with his cock.  Sometimes I can even tell if a man is married by the way he takes me my body in his hands.  

Monday on SD I met a really nice bisexual man who came over to my apartment and he knew Dr. Allen from SD!  True bisexuals are really good lovers for for a total bottom like me because they deliver extremely satisfying anal intercourse.  I can tell by the way a man is fucking me if he fucks a lot of pussy and my guy on Monday was a real jackhammer.  Confidence is the ultimate aphrodisiac and he demonstrated his experience by telling me to get on my back when he first mounted me. It is really exciting for me to hear the top give me sexual direction leading to intimacy.  Real lovers take charge, give direction and make love face to face with lots of eye-gazing.  The man grabbing my ankles and lifting up my legs on Monday was a real lover.  He even kissed me a little and it was a warm surprise because most bisexuals never do that!   

African Diamond

There is an African Diamond currently playing meet-up games with me on Silverdaddies.  He is a real African from Africa, not just a black man in Los Angeles.  I love having big strong African men pick me up and fuck me athletically in the shower room.  But fantasizing about black tops is always better than the real thing.  Black tops are problematic.  My African Diamond wanted me to drive halfway to meet him during evening rush hour.  Those types of coffee dates are over for me.  I don’t like spending money at Starbucks anymore.  I don’t like to drive if I don’t really have to.  I prefer to host.  I am real and I get real men coming over to my apartment.  I am glad I have the experience to not waste time on African Diamond.  Anyway I have my gay nudist gathering today at 4:00 p.m. and I need to get ready.  Thanks to SD I even have a social life.  Africa can wait . . . 

Black man fucking white boy

Today I am going to a nudist gathering at a private home and I was invited by contacting a nice older nudist gentleman who had been looking at my profile on Silverdaddies. Maybe he was there because my profile accentuates my experience in the gay nudist gathering community.  Thanks to SD I will not be lonely here in my new apartment in my new neighborhood.  I unlocked some of the secrets of gay experience through the “visitors to my profile” function on and you can too!

unlocking gay experience

Learning to Bottom Takes a Long Time

It takes a long time for smooth and slender little bottom boys to learn how to receive male sexual intercourse from great big jack-hammering total top men.  The mechanics of male homosexuality have a very steep learning curve both physically and emotionally.  The aspirants must first climb these enormous hurdles on their journey to successful homosexual intimacy.  It becomes necessary to expeditiously find the right emotionally and spiritually elevated gay experiences with trained and qualified teachers.  I have been really lucky in finding older, refined and sophisticated grey-haired gentlemen such as my Ivy League sexologist, gynecologist and mentor Dr. Allen on Silverdaddies. 

cartoon man receiving anal

What About Using the Gay Bathhouse as an Educational Experience?

Gay bathhouses can be excellent if not problematic venues for man-to-man sexual experience.  Bathhouses are fairly expensive and can be rather tawdry commercial experiences lacking in emotional warmth and latitude.  Bathhouses will accept anyone and so you get a lot of lowlife and diseases in the tubs. 

Gay experience in a bathhouse can be fresh and exciting when you are a healthy young kid with a strong immune system just starting out in life and everybody wants you.  But gay bathhouses can be kind of depressing when you are older and your immune system begins naturally breaking down with age.  For the best gay experiences I recommend no matter what age you are or what stage in your bisexual development or level of gay experience you are at.   What can you lose for five bucks?

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total gay bottom experience
Me – Androgynous Small Slender Smooth Total Bottom