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Cult of Violence

The Eyes of Adarsh Kaur

Adarsh Kaur has Sikh daggers in her eyes and now all she needs is a fellow Sikh or a Kundalini yoga teacher training student to kill. Kundalini yoga teachers are Sikh’s and the leadership is prone to violence. Adarsh doesn’t have the balls to teach Kundalini yoga and so they sucker punch barefoot bloggers in full lotus position. I erroneously assumed that if I had a decent kundalini practice on my yoga mat, I could be myself at Yoga West. An independent man can never be himself at Yoga West. Adarsh Kaur and the Yoga West Gurus do not allow other people the same rights that they demand for themselves.

sikh death cult

Guru Meher

I chose Yoga West after reading Guru Meher’s book, Senses of the Soul. Guru Meher was teaching at YW, and so I signed up with YW. Big mistake. I should have chosen Wanderlust or someplace more socially progressive than a bunch of wild-eyed religious fanatics with concealed ceremonial daggers called kirpans. Sikhs consider themselves righteous warriors. That’s not spiritual power, that’s just more materialism.

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The first sermon out of Guru Mehers mouth was a mea culpa for his own white male prejudice, and then complaints about suffering religious persecution for wearing a turban. Pay it forward Guru Meher. The Gurus of Yoga West need to be the religious tolerance that they want to receive.

death religion

Lay Down Your Sikh Arms

The Sikh religion should lay down their arms. We have enough violence in our country. It doesn’t matter if the Sikh daggers are ceremonial to the Sikhs. In the eyes of the universal, a knife is a knife. In the mystical realm, a ceremonial knife is more powerful than the real thing. Do the right thing. While our great country is tearing down Confederate Civil War statues, we should likewise eliminate the violent symbols of the violent Sikh religion. I may even use disarmament of religion as a plank in a political platform. 

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