Advanced Recovery Program Proposal

Advanced recovery from alcoholism is not for lazy or timid people.  High level recovery could be faciltated by a grant from the Midnight Mission in Downtown Los Angeles, California.  The main purpose of this blog is to propose that the Midnight Mission offer a graduate level program in Advanced Recovery from the Emotional Disease of Alcoholism.  The secondary purpose of this blog is to serve as a learning project for advanced graphics features in Divi.

How Well Do You Know WordPress?

Accordion Function in Divi

Have you every paid for an expensive publishing program like Divi by Elegant Themes and then never explored the deeper recesses of graphical options?  Divi is so complex that sometimes the software gets in the way.  I hate reading manuals.  Sometimes the best way to learn a program like WordPress is to just do it.  Just write a few thousand blogs.  That’s what you are witnessing here.  This is the learn by doing method of WordPress blogging.  The purpose of this blog is to learn more about the “Transform” feature in the newest version of Divi. 

what Does Not Kill Me Gives Me Something to Blog About

What would happen if the entire planet ran out of blog ideas?  If there were absolutely no more blog ideas left on the planet then bloggers would be in high demand.  Unfortunately at present the supply of bloggers far exceeds the demand for blogs.  What is the solution?  You must write engaging blogs that make your telephone ring.  My telephone is ringing  hot and heavy this morning.  The calls are probably about my Art Therapy Project but I will never know because I don’t answer my phone and they don’t leave messages.  However I do get a few blogs out of it.  If it does not kill me it gives me something to blog about.


Blogging is a groove like playing an instrument.  Playing the blog is similar to playing the guitar. You just have to get into the groove.  I learned all about this in Film School by reading a John Sayles book.  I can’t remember what the name of the Sayles book was.  My film making patner John Weindorf futher articulated the cosmic sameness of the printed page, a frame of film and a measure of music.  The images I formed in my mind when I heard these words forty years ago are integral to my conceptualization today.


By cranking out this advanced recovery blog I have accomplished my mission of getting into a better groove with Divi.  From now on I will stay in Divi and not default to the Guttenberg blocks of WordPress 5.0 even though they are easier and faster.  Soon Divi will be just as fast and easy for me.  Plus I will be stoked by the advanced features and the beauty they add to my design.  Divi is designer-in-a-box..