Can You Afford Divorcing Your Business Partner Called Your Spouse?

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On Divorcing: Family Law Paralegal




Can You Afford Divorcing Half of Your Financial and Emotional Life?


Collaborative divorce is the intelligent way to settle your divorce.  Don’t use expensive middle men called family law attorneys. The statutory six month waiting period that all partners who are divorcing in California was established by the legislature for a good reason. Jumping in and out of marriage and divorce should have a mandatory ten year per marriage rule in my opinion. In other words each person could only get married once every ten years. One partnership per decade is all each person is allowed for legal purposes only. I’m talking about a ten year per marriage rule. If your marriage only lasts seven years then you can get into another relationship at eight years you just can’t get married for another two. Ten years per marriage certificate. That’s my idea. Dissolution of marriage is my business and business is good.  


Realistically Look at Your Total Cost of Divorcing


On the day of your wedding you visualize your marriage creating magic and love and meaning in your life. Seven years later you are thinking about divorcing as a new source of magic and meaning and solutions to your life. It should be illegal to get a divorce if you have minor children in my opinion. Divorcing your children’s mother is child abuse if the kids are really young. How much will your divorce cost?


Emotional Divorcing


You can go out and find someone else to replace your current spouse but is anyone really going to be all that much different? Look at your own relationship patterns. Are you really ready to start over?


Divorcing Patterns


A relationship is what you put into it, not the legal contract called the marriage certificate or divorce judgment. A marriage contract is a financial and an emotional agreement to live and love and create a life together. If your pattern is to get married and get divorced then the institution of marriage is not going to change you or to change for you. 


Divorcing is not going to bring a huge magic cure-all for your emotional and financial problems with your soon-to-be ex-spouse. What if you stepped outside of yourself into the realm of financially prudent decision making about divorcing your business partner referred to as your lawfully wedded husband or wife?

Can you think any better decision than rushing to file for divorce from your partner?