God Experience: Agape Culver City, CA Sunday First Service 6:25 a.m.

agape first service
Agape First Service: Sunday 6:25 a.m.






First Service:

6:25 a.m. 5700 Buckingham Parkway, Culver City, CA 90230:



This is now a real blog with my own format and style. Ostensibly this is an article about the first service at Agape in Culver City. First Service is just the key word focus group I have chosen for this article. This Sunday blog is my re-invention as a news and investigation blog as opposed to a paralegal marketing blog. The eclectic and esoteric subject matter of this blog are legal secretary, esoteric community and my study of criminal justice reform. 

I have finally picked up where Kerouac and Cassady left off. Stream of consciousness writing layered with the color of a federal investigation in an October heat wave. What to the law enforcement investigators do out in the heat? Get special hotel rooms? Where is the investigation based? Is there a war room? Who is in charge of the investigation of me? Am I a federal jurisdiction? These are the questions I would like answered. I am ready to redeem and rehabilitate myself. I want to try and do some good in the world while I still can. I want my life to mean something. 

Last Sunday morning at 3:00 a.m. I metamorphosed into a giant squid as the Kafkaesque nature of my life woke me like a drug.  I spent the morning laying in bed in a fugue state with my gynecologist Moby Dick. I wrote about my swim with a federal courtroom with baby sharks and Christopher Darden. I missed attending first service at Agape to work on re-tooling this website. Last Sunday was the first Service I have missed in a while. I have even been attending Wednesday night 6:45 p.m. Service at Agape. So I turned my guilt over missing last Sunday into the energy required to totally reconfigure this website’s hosting and other major technical details. I find my redemption and rehabilitation at Agape. My personal meditation practice has allowed me to transform my life. My life was supposed to be a crime statistic. My life is still in the cross-hairs of some Kafkaesque investigation of unknown proportions. I can feel the long arm of the law closing in on me.

I live in excited fear of the unseen only felt covert operators that have fed me bogus paralegal work. The California State Bar should be keeping the public and myself safe from my unauthorized and incompetent paralegal work. I need to be supervised by an active member of the California State Bar who is also a licensed psychiatrist. 

I turned my spiritual guilt over not attending Agape into this brand new two button menu web presence. I have gotten rid of my confusing menus. I have gotten rid of the pretty cascading menus that look good but really contribute nothing other than SEO fundamentals to power this legal secretarial blog. Precisely because I did not attend or write about Agape last Sunday, I has a total rebirth. I reorganized and combined all of my web presence right here right now into  

I have learned how to use the import export feature of WordPress Tools. The most excellent hosting technical support representatives even helped me to understand my technical problems with menus. You will notice I have simplified my menus. My menu bar only has “home” and “investigation blog.” This solves my problem with “exploding” menus. Exploding cascading menus. My website is now as simple as an iPhone. Only two major options: home and investigation blog. 

Why am I writing about all of this boring technical stuff? To keep you occupied. To keep my SEO up. To have something to do. I am channeling all of my energy into this website now. I am trying to cleanse my karma in preparation for my eventual demise. Hopefully I will live for another thirty years. However I probably will not. My heart and will will probably give out long before then. My entire life is a Kafkaesque nightmare now. I don’t know what is real and what is gay attorney Louis Anthes writing me as a character in his homosexual short fiction. 

 agape beckwith

Saturday Night Before First Service


I backed off on my usual deviant sub-culture hook-ups last night. I wanted to make sure I made it to service. I didn’t want to spend my time in a dark and deviant sub-culture. I want light. I want the sunlight of the spirit. My heart is open wide to what God wants for me. My near death experience told me to back of on homosexual deviancy. I have not renewed my main gay connection website that works perfectly for me. I am obeying the will of God by not actively seeking gay hook-ups this weekend. I am blissfully writing this article in the cheap hotel where I am staying in pure Jack Kerouac Neal Cassidy stream of consciousness 2015. 

What exactly did my near death experience teach me?

My near death experience taught me not to go too deep into homosexual darkness. God smacked me and told me not to become a male homosexual prostitute. God smacked me with a massive heart attack on December 26, 2014 and told me to stop whoring with the likes of Charlie Kenyon of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. So I stopped charging men money. Directly. I stopped charging by the hour. I disobeyed God by obtaining living resources from Rich and Joe in Palm Springs. Keep me away from that gay desert because I could turn into a real fruit cake living down there with all of those old queens. My wrist starts going limp at the thought of it. 

My near death experience taught me to leave my sexual body behind. My NDE made me see the disgusting depravity of my homosexual machinations. I am now cleaning up my sexual karma. Starting this weekend. I am a celibate man of God awaiting instructions. I don’t really have any place decent to bring anyone. Am I celibate circumstance true choice? I am really just a legal secretary blogging away trying to create something out of nothing. I am trying to convince you and myself that I have a really exciting gay life. My gay life is really mostly a bunch of decrepit old geezers paying me money for sex. So this weekend I am staying away from whoring and writing this article instead. 

I never built a SimCity or virtual digital world or game of any kind. This website is my only Internet development. This weekend I am trying to birth an Internet persona and style. I will blog once a day now. I will probably spend most of the day creating the blog and publish it in the afternoon around 4:00 p.m. when I am done for the day. I want to give this blog my all. I want hundreds of paralegal students as readers. I want to reach out and be something unique in the paralegal world. Maybe I will be a true crime headline. LA paralegal busted for worldwide online UPL. Sometimes I think the feds are just deciding what slow news day they want me to do the perp walk. 


Staying Home the Night Before First Service

My near death experience taught me to stay away from Dr. McDuff but I disobey because it is fun to choose to be a homosexual and run around naked having gay sex on Saturday night. Last night I made the decision not to hook up with any gay men. Being gay is a choice for me. The choice to be gay always involves money. How much do I want to spend? I actually may have chosen to be gay this weekend but the nude gay pool party that interested me was Saturday and not Sunday. Gay in LA is optional. Gay in LA is an easy option. Last Tuesday I heard two young women telling each other how much they both wanted boy friends and husbands. I thought to myself, “What does the guy get?” Mostly guys want sex and so they guys for these girls will probably just turn gay. More and more men are turning gay because it is just a hell of a lot easier to be gay than to be straight. 

There is a heinous heat wave in LA today and for the last month or more. I want to go run around naked at a gay pool party or bathhouse but part of me says no. The bigger part of me says no. I am not going around the older gay men I know and I am not going to go out and meet younger gay men. At least I am not going to go out and meet guys the usual gay way. The usual gay way to meet is in a sexual context at a bar, bath house, or $10.00 admission gay nude pool party someplace like Anaheim or Van Nuys. These ten dollar parties all have “play rooms” and are okay for the price of admission. But forget the gay promiscuity on Saturday night. Please go to bed early and get up in time to take a shower in this heat wave and go to Agape International Spiritual Center, 5700 Buckingham Parkway, Culver City, CA 90123.

Don’t do as I do do as I say.  Please walk into the sanctuary by 6:24 a.m. for meditation. If you are late you will be directed to the satellite meditation rooms. You can enter the sanctuary after meditation. So far I have only had to do this once. 

This morning I sat in my regular area a few rows behind Rev. Beckwith at 6:25 a.m. First Service Meditation. This morning was a very neutral service and therefore a very good day for me to write about first service at Agape. I won’t even Love Stream the 9:00 a.m. Second Service because it is very quiet in my household right now. First Service at Agape is the best spiritual service in Los Angeles. Any service at Agape International Spiritual Center located at 5700 Buckingham Parkway, Culver City, CA 90230 is better than any other way you could spend your time on a Sunday or Wednesday in L.A. Agape is a must see for any visitor to Los Angeles whether you believe in anything or not. 

My near death experience told me to stop my homosexual promiscuity online and in real life. I have been obeying. Last week I was with McDuff only because I have known him for over five years. McDuff is not a lover I would ever harm myself by becoming emotionally depended upon. McDuff is a major player in my prostitution career. I have immense feeling for Dr. McDuff and yet at the same time if I never say him again that would be okay also. 


Founder’s Church of Religious Science

Founder's Church of Religious Science on 6th St. in Downtown LA
Founder’s Church of Religious Science on 6th St. in Downtown LA

In 2013 and ’14 I lived in downtown L.A. and semi-regularly attended the Agape Mother Church: The Los Angeles Founder’s Church of Religious Science with Rev. Arthur Chang. Founder’s is dying on the vine and now rents most of this historic building to a Korean Presbyterian Church that makes much better use of the building. Agape comes from RS. RS churches are all now known as the Centers for Spiritual Living. Or something like that. I like the old Religious Science name better. 


Agape is haven for the pansexual. Agape is my opportunity to introduce the word and tag pansexual into this blog. I am going to spend this sacred sabbath by writing this blog on Agape love and agape tags. I need to consolidate, organize and create tags for this new website combining legal and community. Litigation secretary, esoteric community and criminal investigation. Agape helps me to tie these categories, topics and tags together. 

There is a large gay and lesbian presence at Agape. Last Wednesday the Rev. announced that the Rev. Keith Horowitz had recently married his partner. Rev. Beckwith and his leadership are unique in their authentic and wholesale acceptance of homosexual, pansexual and heterosexual congregants. I am having fun playing around with these words: pansexual, bisexual, asexual. I am having fun with my writing and turning this into a real blog. Someday soon people searching for the best gay friendly Sunday Service in Los Angeles will find this article on the first service at Agape. 


Agape First Service is Stripped Down Like Zen


At the Agape First Service there are no announcements and pitches like there are at second and third service. First Service is stripped down to the bare spiritual essentials. The Rev. often points out that first service is for the practitioners of a spiritual mind treatment way of life. First service is for experience of the thing itself. Earnest Holmes, the founder of Religious Science wrote a book describing intimate communion with God as “The Thing Itself.”


The Rev. is a lot more warmed up at the 9:00 a.m. second service. He gets progressively louder and dances around on stage more as the Sunday morning unfolds. I have experienced Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith authentically articulating a God consciousness fugue state from the Agape stage.

It is now 2:00 p.m. in Los Angeles and I am going to publish this Sunday First Service at Agape blog now.