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Creating a Yoga Religion Using Sunshine Songs

Let The Long Time Sun Shine In

Every Kundalini Yoga class ends with “Long Time Sun” just like the Fifth Dimension song “The Age of Aquarius” ends with “Let The Sun Shine In.”  This just goes to prove my thesis that Yogi Bhajan based his version of Kundalini Yoga on the 1969 hit single Age of Aquarius/Let The Sun Shine In.  Sometimes life is just that simple. 

Aquarian teacher yogi bhajan

Making Myself Sikh

I’m making myself Sikh writing about the construction of the Bhajanist kundalini belief system.  I deviated away from Yogi Bhajan for five blogs last week when I did a promo for 20/20’s Yellow Pills, two blogs on Hermeticism as a gateway into modern American secret societies, and one on my old college professor Sid Salkow.  I am searching for a new direction, probably Rosicrucianism and/or Freemasonry. 

My Text Notifications Were Off!

Then I realized that my text notifications were turned off, I thought it odd I wasn’t getting any texts.  I found a Pearl Harbor Day text from Castellzo Crime family boss Glennie Carlos and wrote a blog about his “self-improvement” system.  Then astoundingly I found a two-and-a-half month old text from Dya Kaur about my blogs.  I can’t believe how messed-up I still am over Guru Singh and Yoga West attempting to deny my right to exist on the planet.  

EMBARRASSING MYSELF IN PUBLIC | The other day in the pharmacy I felt like I didn’t have the right to have a non-child proof cap for my Neurontin prescription for my shingles pain.  My doctor prescribed Neurontin for my nerve damage from post herpetic neuralgia.  When I was nineteen I broke my thumb and my arthritic old hands always have difficulty with the child proof caps.  So what is my solution for every prescription bottle my entire painful life?  I take a screwdriver to each and every cap and pry the two-piece child safety mechanism apart.  Then I use the bottom part to have a “half-assed”  small cap that at least I can open up.   

Rite-Aid Pharmacy Clerk Commendation

While leaning on the counter daydreaming at Rite-Aid the pharmacy clerk asked me:  “Do you want your caps back?”  I thought he was asking me if I wanted my empty pill bottles back and so I said “No thank you.”  I saw him toss my screwdriver modified bottles and caps into the trash and I realized what he meant.  “Oh no.”  I gasped.  “I did want those, I didn’t realize what you meant, can we take them out of the trash please I really need those my hands can’t open the child-proof caps.”  (And then I think to myself, Oh Shit, I said I don’t want child-proof, somebody is going to be offended, they will cancel my medical insurance and kick me out of my new apartment with no dinner).   The pharmacy clerk is looking at me with true compassion and he says: “It’s okay I can put non-child proof caps on for you.”  “Oh good I reply, I’ll save them for the next refills”.  “No it’s okay” the young man tells me kindly, “I will put it in the computer that you prefer non-child caps.” 

Making Myself Better

When I came out of my state of anxiety and into a state of awareness where I saw how I just reacted I was embarrassed for myself.  I could feel genuine compassion coming from the young Rite-Aid clerk for my state of anxiety over my Neurontin tops.  That Rite-Aid clerk made my hands and my heart feel better.