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Agitprop is an Emotional Call to Action Using a Composite Image


Happy United States Presidential Election Year 2016 From the Content Creators of the World





The word agitprop is a portmanteau, or combination, of the two words agitation and propaganda. It was invented by the Bolsheviks during the Russian Revolution to call the masses to revolt against the empire. This over-the-top propaganda style is characterized by extremely emotional appeals using powerful images coupled with a single word or slogan, usually ultra patriotic if not downright fascist. The Who even pay lip service to agitprop banners in their anthemic: “Won’t Get Fooled Again. Agitation propaganda was used heavily by America during World War II:  “Loose Lips Sink Ships.”


Agitprop Blogging


And the world looks just the same

And history ain’t changed
‘Cause the banners, they are flown in the next war

 -Pete Townshend,
  Won’t Get Fooled Again


Agitprop is a composite, or combination, of image and word to create a powerful holistic montage. The montage is completely contained in the one image. The brain instantly forms an emotional connection between the two. Simple, cheap and effective. Today agitprop and memes are the tools of the low budget do-it-yourself propagandist. Real PSYOPS products use the content on this digital publication to create high end professional propaganda. 

Real propaganda needs to be digital entertainment with the same excitement as a video game or computer animation. Today’s agitation propaganda software applications and digital products need to be as exciting as all of the other multimedia options available to choose from. It is a tough market competing for the at risk youth of the world when your competitors are ISIS, drugs and pop culture. 

facebook agitprop
Facebook Meme

The memes on Facebook remind me of agitprop and that is the inspiration for writing this article. Something productive actually came out of all of my goofing off on FB: I decided to make my own memes. Using the free version of Microsoft Paint that comes with Windows I started making my own emotional combinations of word and image.

agitprop propaganda kiss
LegalNoodle Meme

This blog is also in humble gratitude that I have a BA Degree in media that allows me to transform myself into a political pundit and content creator. For the first time since I was a teenager I am interested in politics and the presidential election.

Donald Trump is a psychopathic genius playing the media like a doofus version of Adolph Hitler. Donald Trumpet blows his big horn and generates millions of dollars in free agitation propaganda. 

domestic terrorism agitprop
LegalNoodle Agitprop

Agitational propaganda works great with the Internet style grab your attention fast writing requirements. A lot of the way I choose the titles of my articles is influenced by agitprop. I was really into Russian art and cinema as a film student Marxist dialectics and montage were a major influence on me. On my own I got into even deeper into montage by way of Mayakovsky and modern Russian literature. I found first edition works of poetry by Makakovsky in the Cal State Northridge Oviatt Library with incredible color paper cut outs and other intricately produced graphics. Looking back Mayakovsky’s multimedia poetry reminds me of a blog.

Agitprop is montage in action. A blog is montage in action. A blog is a montage of the integrated design of text, graphic, video. Creating these memes is an inexpensive propaganda technique that works well for a one-man psychological operation. However to be truly effective the media products must have very high credibility. Ideological videos leverage high quality into credibility. 

domestic terrorism
LegalNoodle Islamic Re-Branding




ISIS uses agitprop emotional appeals in its recruitment videos.  These recruitment videos are not agitprop per se.  No these are professionally produced advertisements using an in-your-face video game style that appeal to younger viewers.  ISIS is good a creating empathy by portraying itself as the victim of global Western oppression. ISIS uses self-proclaimed victimhood to rationalize revenge violence in the form of terrorism against civilians in America. We need to counter this high quality modern agitprop from ISIS with our own slick message of transformation and redemption.

The word PSYOPS is also a portmanteau which combines the words psychological and operations. PSYOPS is a product of the technological evolution of AGITPROP. Modern counter agitprop needs to be as high quality and engaging as the slick recruitment products currently being produced by ISIS. 

agitprop domestic terrorism prevention

The West has become complacent and ISIS is simply beating us with our own weapon we gave them for free: mass communications. Mass media in the digital age just got more massive. Massive Communications. That should be the new name of my logo: Massive Communications.  Massive Media.  Massive Media Monster. I just re-lettered my logo art to read: Digital Mass Media. It has a nice rhythm to it: Dean McAdams Digital Mass Media. Digital Mass MultiMedia? No-too long.