AMERICAN ZEN: Primetime Alcoholism Spiritual Treatment

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BEST FREE EMOTIONAL HEALTH RESOURCE: Alcoholism Spiritual Treatment in Primetime AA

The only real reason to attend a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous is to find God. What does that mean? It means the purpose of going to AA meetings is to develop a spiritual practice. The AA literature defines this as a spiritual way of living. Same thing right? AA is about God. Alcoholism spiritual treatment is to meditate and visualize receiving God’s perfect healing right here, right now. Can you feel it? I can.    During my early years in AA, I deceived myself into believing I was experiencing God when I was only parroting words learned from books and teachers. My personal alcoholism spiritual treatment began only after years of unsuccessfully attending AA as a social resource. I erroneously believed that my disease of alcoholism would be cured by attending AA meetings and talking about my drinking history, hanging out with people in AA who didn’t drink alcohol, and marking sobriety milestones with chips and cakes. I didn’t attend AA to develop my spiritual practice and so I didn’t get sober. I didn’t practice alcoholism spiritual treatment until I found meetings of Primetime AA in North Hollywood, CA in late 2004. At that time I had once again achieved another year of abstinence from alcohol. I was standing on the corner of Oxnard and Victory Blvd. across from the meeting about to get into my van with my German shepherd and drive home from the “Daily Reprieve” Wednesday Night Primetime AA meeting at the Spirit of Studio 12. This fanatical woman followed me out of the meeting and literally swooped down upon me and appointed herself my Primetime AA sponsor. She was a gift from God as she opened my mind about Christ consciousness and my narcissistic need for external approval and validation. We made a pact to remain celibate for our first two years of sobriety and to never date other people in recovery. Building new character, beliefs and values is central to Primetime AA dogma.  We hung out together for two years and she spoon fed me the Bob Anderson Primetime AA version of recovery: Pure 12 Step Practice and Alcoholism Spiritual Treatment. There is only one problem and it is me. No blaming or complaining. The purpose of the 12 Steps for me to recover from my totally self-centered way of life.

Primetime AA: Alcoholism Spiritual Treatment That Worked for Me

Primetime AA is pure spiritual recovery with no dog and pony shows and sobriety rock stars. At Primetime meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous there is absolutely no discussion of drinking as a narrative device. The only time alcohol is mentioned is how it relates to my recovery right now. Primetime means right now. My recovery is only right here, right now. Primetime AA taught me that my spiritual practice is how I conduct myself next door at the market or how I treat the barista at Starbucks. Advanced AA is spiritual practice. Primetime Zen: This present moment, this present mind. Meditation is key to alcoholism spiritual treatment. Meditation is the most healing modality I have found in life. My search for alcoholism spiritual treatment led me to Joel S. Goldsmith, kundalini yoga and chakra meditation. Meditation practice takes a minimum of eight years to get your mind spiritualized so start meditating a few minutes every day now. Google Joel S. Goldsmith and listen to his fifty year old tapes as YouTube videos. My treatment of my alcoholism has developed into a cleansing of my soul and sexuality.  The purpose of this article is to distinguish Primetime AA from non-Primetime AA. Primetime is alcoholism spiritual treatment and non-Primetime AA is more of a social resource. These days I get my social needs met at church & senior center low-sodium $5.00 lunches. I get my spiritual needs met in meditation and yoga. There is a Primetime meeting somewhere way the heck out in Yucca Valley or Twentynine Palms but I don’t drive way the hell out there. God is everywhere in this totally gay desert . . .  [/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]