Social Improvement or Total Transformation?

Alcoholism Consciousness

My experience has been that alcoholism is a spiritual and emotional malady that can be transformed by reconnecting to higher consciousness and the resulting emotional awareness that a clear mind produces. Meditation is the central component of recovery from alcoholism and the rigorous routine of daily living. My life has been transformed from alcoholism consciousness to God consciousness. In addition to practicing kundalini yoga, I am currently having a personal spiritual experience with the Book of John. Spirituality and recovery are a very personal journey. 12 Step Meetings are an excellent social resource, however recovery from alcoholism is not a group experience. The 12 Traditions are to the group experience what the 12 Steps are to one’s individual journey of recovery. If you are serious about recovery from alcoholism you owe it to yourself to check out Primetime AA meetings in the LA/San Fernando Valley area.

Somebody out there has been reading my Primetime AA blogs and so I am taking a few minutes to communicate with you. Recovery takes a long time. If you knew how arduous the work of recovery is you might not even want to make the life changes necessary.

Social Gratification is Not Treatment of Alcoholism

Not making AA my social scene has contributed greatly to my thirteen years of quality recovery from my alcoholism. In Primetime AA it is important to identify “my” alcoholism. My solution was to get over my own story by simply experiencing myself as a “last gasper”.  I was forty years old when I hit Primetime AA and so I was desperate. Step Two tells me that I am mentally ill and God is my only solution. Step two actually takes years and years meditation and experience.

Emotional Consciousness

The reason that I as an alcoholic need God in my life is so that when I finally allow God to show me what I am really like, I will be able to take it.  A lot of just like me who are recovering from the mental and physical disease of alcoholism can’t take the painful truth in the mirror at around two or three years of honest recovery.  When I realized and experienced what I was really like it was extremely painful, but only for a little while. Fortunately at that time I was in a live-in relationship with a medical professional. I came out of an emotional blackout with the realization that I was fifty years old and acting like my mother on an emotional level. I saw my own pathetic infantile neediness. I was a greedy little emotional vampire sucking the emotional energy out of the people closest to me.

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By Dean McAdams

Born a poor peckerwood in a Tujunga holler, Dean practiced secrets of the ancient & modern masters to end up liberated in the coastal paradise of West L.A.