Alien art form


Alien Art Week

During Christmas Week I cruise the empty freeways like a human tourist in an alien art gallery. Alien art is big on the web. Alien art exists only within human consciousness. Blogging is an artificial form of constructing a reality based upon the key word “alien art.” Every blog post must contain the proper search engine indexing information.

alien art form

Fly The Car

Yesterday I left Palm Springs at 1:30 in the afternoon and drove above the speed limit all the way back to LA because there was no traffic during Christmas Week. Now I have to think of cool places I want to go in-between Kundalini yoga class today. Kundalini yoga is hard work, but I am extremely over-doing it. Nobody else on this planet is taking five to six 1.5 hour yoga classes per week like I am. I am yogi the alien art form.

Flying saucer launchpad

Aliens Are Not Hostiles

Aliens are pure consciousness, they only exist in your mind. Aliens are not hostile, humans are hostile. Aliens wouldn’t want to engage in competition with human weaklings. The violent human mind would only interest an alien for a little while and the aliens would go searching for Nick Tesla or someone like him.

Breakfast Art 

William Burroughs and Jack Kerouac said that Naked Lunch is what you see on the end of your fork. Breakfast Art is what I decide to put in my oatmeal. Just butter, or maybe some almonds. Almond oatmeal breakfast art. If I was an alien I would probably cook it all up in my head.  

New Year

What big adventure will I have in 2018? All I have to do is just let it happen. My intention is let God transform me. I haven’t talked about it but my post hermetic neuralgia pain seems to be getting worse. In the coming new year I should do something more about this five year pain affair from shingles.
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