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Homosexuality Was Invented by the Greeks as Alternative Sexuality

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Alternative Sexuality

Homosexuality was invented by the Greeks as a plan B to heterosexuality. Gay is alternative sexuality that is intended as an adjunct to the man woman dynamic. The receptive male homosexual is the substitute girl. The Greeks never intended homosexuality to be a full time permanent sexual practice, but it will do in a pinch. The purpose of this article is to present homosexuality as just one small component of a full range of alternative sexuality. Gay celibacy is one other alternative sexuality practice. Don’t lock yourself into being totally gay, explore your sexual choices. 

Alternative Sexuality is Not an Alternative Lifestyle

Five years ago I got into an intimate homosexual relationship with a male gynecologist and he introduced me to tantric sexuality, sexological bodywork and the commercial naturist gay social community. We also explored the higher consciousness, yoga and meditation communities which I found to be much more rewarding. For five years I have explored the physical geographical gay community of Southern California, New York and Philadelphia. It was rewarding, I am glad I did it and now I am feeling done. Gay is always there as a resource for me, I am living in a luxurious Villa that came to be from having sex with creepy old gay Jewish men. 

Alternative spirituality is much more important than alternative sexuality. These days I actually am starting to self-identify more as religious than spiritual. I think I would rather be publicly religious than publicly sexual. The whole notion of a public sexual identity becomes rather small, limiting and rather pathetic. I thank God for my kundalini yoga practice. Just a few minutes of authentic yoga with really pranayama breathing is better than any sex.

Alternative sexuality is really just another search for God. I used to look for God in the bottom of a bottle and in the arms of another. Now I know where to find God and that alternative sexuality was part of the pathway that led me there.

It is May Day 2016, I love you and want you to get all of your alternative sexuality out of your system and get into alternative God.