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Racism in Freemasonry

The Fall of Albert Pike

Last week in Washington, D.C., protesters pulled down and burned the statute of Confederate General and leading light of Freemasonry, Albert Pike of Alabama. Those rioting vandals who knocked Albert Pike off of his pedestal probably have no idea of exactly how big a racist they had toppled. Due to Masonic racism, Black people had to become Freemasons in Ireland. Prince Hall Freemasonry was created out of necessity by American Blacks because they were denied initiation into White lodges by Albert Pike and other racist American’s. Will today’s Freemasons somehow right the wrongs of the past? What could we possibly do, retroactively grant a Grand Lodge of California charter to every Price Hall Lodge? What about Albert Pike’s beloved Scottish Rite? How will Scottish Rite Freemasonry atone for the racism of Albert Pike?

FROM THE WASHINGTON POST – October 30, 2017: Pike was commissioned as a Confederate Army brigadier general but his wartime career lasted less than two years; his men were accused of scalping Union troops, and he was eventually forced to resign. He received a reprieve from President Andrew Johnson and moved to Washington, where he died in 1891.

fall of albert pike
People stand around the statue of Confederate general Albert Pike after it was toppled by protesters at Judiciary square in Wahsington, DC on late June 19, 2020. – Protesters have toppled the only statue of a Confederate general in the US capital, images broadcast by US media show. President Donald Trump tweeted that the Washington “D.C. police are not doing their job as they watch a statue be ripped down & burn. These people should be immediately arrested. A disgrace to our Country!” The images, broadcast on ABC7 News late Friday, showed the figure of Albert Pike being pulled down with rope before dozens of demonstrators started chanting “black lives matter”. (Photo by Eric BARADAT / AFP) (Photo by ERIC BARADAT/AFP via Getty Images)

Prince Hall Freemasonry Chartered by Grand Lodge of Ireland

When Blacks were prohibited from joining Colonial American Masonry they requested and were initiated into Freemasonry through Lodge No. 441 of the Grand Lodge of Ireland on March 6, 1775. Confederate General and leading figure in Freemasonry, Albert Pike, was vehemently against initiating Blacks into Freemasonry.

racist freemason albert pike

Confederate General and Masonic Author Albert Pike Was Racist

FROM WIKIPEDIA: “When men wished to become Masons in the new nation the existing members of the Lodge had to vote unanimously to accept the petitioner. If any one white member voted against a black petitioner that person would be rejected. In a letter by General Albert Pike to his brother in 1875 he said, “I am not inclined to mettle in the matter. I took my obligations to white men, not to Negroes. When I have to accept Negroes as brothers or leave Masonry, I shall leave it.”[6] Masonic and Grand Lodges generally excluded African Americans. Since the votes were anonymous, it was impossible to identify the member who had voted against accepting a black member. The effect was the black men who had legitimately been made Masons in integrated jurisdictions could be rejected. Racial segregation existed until the 1960s.”

prince hall freemasonry
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