anabel the auditor

Anabel the Auditor, Milks the Masonic Cow

Are you are a young California Freemason, getting secretly ripped off by the Masonic Homes Covina? You don’t know where all the money you donate to Masonic Homes goes. I don’t know where the money I donated with my application goes, because I am just not seeing any value in the pool and Jacuzzi at MHC. Your pool and Jacuzzi have been stolen, so don’t expect hydrotherapy, if you decide to retire at MHC. Bro. Randy Scott probably decided not to sign a continuing care retirement community contract with MHC because of the shabby condition of the premises. A few years ago some suspicious Freemasons even commissioned an audit of MHC. I would like to see what was in the report of Anabel the Auditor after she cooked the books at the Masonic Homes Covina.

consumer control means clean this up
Jacuzzi at Masonic Homes Covina needs to be audited

Anabel the Auditor Looked Over the Books and Decided to Become an Employee of Masonic Homes Covina

One morning a few months ago, I observed Masonic Homes Covina employees Anabel “The Auditor” Mejia and Angel Martinez giving each other nice big “Milking the Masonic Cow” hugs. MHC is a great deal for the employees. When the residents see the employees hustling their free lunches in the dining hall, we like to say that the MHC employees are “Milking the Masonic Cow.”

why love your enemy
One of the first things Bro. Rodney Proett, PM said to me in the dining hall was: “This (MHC) seems like a good place to work”

Life Should as Fun for MHC Residents as It is For MHC Employees

After seeing how fat, happy and sassy the employees at MHC are, I thought to myself, MHC should be as loving for the residents as it is for the employees, therefore, I will bring a little love to my Brothers and Sisters at MHC. So I brought some love into it. Now my love and compassion have turned into a desire to give the Brethren their pool & Jacuzzi back.

anabel andrea jessica mejia aguilar
Is this the real Anabel Mejia?

Now, nine months later, what I really want to do is learn every detail about “Anabel” the Auditor. “Anabel” is a strange spelling, I wonder if Anabel Mejia, is really Andrea Mejia, CPA. More precisely, I want to find out exactly who is stealing the quiet enjoyment of the premises from the residents at MHC.

lapd chief david r doan
There’s never a cop around when you need one . . .

Where is Detective Doan When We Need Him?

We need to put Detective David Doan on the case. Surely with the proper auditing and investigation by a seasoned professional, something can be done about the lack of proper facilities servicing and maintenance at Masonic Homes Covina. And I think obtaining a copy of the audit of Anabel the Auditor would jump start any investigation.

anabel the auditor masonic homes covina pool
Who is auditing the pool?
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