Men’s Emotional Needs

Anal Health Leads To the Palace of Wisdom

Men’s sexual needs are also emotional and spiritual needs. I am hammering out blogs on Monday morning to create a community health resource on anal health.

Marketing research via Google analytics reveals that Men’s anal health is an area of vital concern to today’s social media users. The fact is that receiving anal intercourse is one of the most enjoyable and transcendent experiences possible. Anal sex is spiritual because when the goal is connection to the universe. 

How is Emotional Health Measured?

Was it a completely gratifying sexual experience or did it leave you wanting? I often have to leave women out of the situation if it is not in my best interest. Jewish women tend to be sexually enlightened and will pop a finger in occasionally. However for me the most gratifying sexual experiences are with other men. Why am I writing so much about this? Because this site is intended to be an emotional health resource for teenagers and young adults with questions about sexuality. You are not really gay or straight. You are a human being with sexual needs. The purpose of this article is to get you to think about not categorizing yourself as gay but think of yourself as spiritual.

Using the Homosexual Community as a Resource

I haven’t had sex in a couple of weeks and so I am transmuting my sexual energy into creating this web presence as an educational resource to explain how to use the gay community to your advantage. Having a nice older man use his tongue on my sphincter is a way to experience the intimacy of the universe. No woman is going to service me like a horney filthy dirty old man.  

How Many Blogs Before Breakfast?

By transmuting my sexual energy how many blogs can I write before breakfast? This morning it looks like two blogs before breakfast. The purpose of these stream of consciousness blogs is to dominate search engine results for questions about male to male sexual intercourse.