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Water Based vs. Silicone Lubricant

Anal silicone lubricant is over three times as expensive as water based lube. However the extra expense is worth it. You get what you pay for in life and we are talking about anal sex, the Holy Grail of human achievement. Silicon based lubricant is more concentrated and lasts longer. Silicon has a much wetter and sexier feel than water based. For the healthiest anal sexual intercourse experience use science and technology for better sex, use silicon lubricant!

Water based lubricant gets sticky after a while. Water based lube needs to be re-applied often during anal sexual intercourse. Save the water based lubricant for masturbation and taking to sex parties. For the best anal intercourse whether it is heterosexual or homosexual, use a premium concentrated lubricant serum. Be a power bottom and always ensure that you provide the best experience for your top so that you can invite the best ones back!

Silicone Lubricant is Approximately $10.00 for Three Ounces or $3.50 per Ounce

correct anal silicone lubricant
Use this Anal Silicone Lubricant

My sexologist Dr. McDuff introduced me to Wet Platinum when we began my sex training in 2010. The good doctor bought this stuff by the case. Four out of five doctors recommend silicone lube for health and vitality during anal.

My advice as a highly evolved bottom is to only use this on your anal canal. Don’t get all excited because you are buying this for your boyfriend like I did. Don’t get the big blue bottle. Get the expensive little black bottle that says PREMIUM CONCENTRATED LUBRICANT SERUM. Make sure the bottle says Platinum and not Original. Take advantage of my years of training my body to enjoy receiving anal. If you are serious about anal sex then use the real deal. If you want your top to know that you are top quality then pay a few dollars more to show you care by using silicone lube instead of water. Silicone lube is harder to wash off than water so that should tell you how much longer it lasts. 

Water Based Lubricant is Approximately $10.00 for Ten Ounces or $1.00 per Ounce

I have a whole bottle of Wet Original water based lubricant however my new bisexual top does not like it. So I bought a little bottle of Wet Platinum so I would have a cute way to invite him over. I am the bottom and I say don’t use the blue Wet Original unless it is for jacking off only.

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Converting Bisexuals to Full Homosexuality

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